29 October 2020

TWO N-WORDS!! ******************************************!!!

The head mistress of a quite up-market girls' school called Benenden has just been made to grovel ... to do a full Grade A I-really-can't-get-any-lower grovel ... for using the word Negro.

I am of course aware that one isn't allowed to utter or to write ... even in the most academic contexts ... the word N*****************************r.  

But when and why did N********************************o get promoted to the same status?

It must be pretty rotten to belong to a West African state with a name like N*******************************ia.

Pretty dodgy, too, if one's parents gave one the name N******************************el

Or would one be protected in these last two cases by the fact that the g has gone soft? If so, one would, logically, be in the clear if one desired to refer to ... er ... Nijjers.

The composition of the books called Thesauri will get more difficult. Among the synonyms for mean, they won't be able to offer N******************************gardly without a legal disclaimer.

Is this the time to reveal that the extensive Hunwicke estates in West Barsetshire were acquired out of the vast profits of three centuries of the Slave Trade?


Mary Kay said...

Is one able to take a (paid) tour of the Barsetshire Estate? I would love to see it (them?) and finish off with a stop at the gift shop. You know we cousins from across the pond just love those quaint places. You would not hear an -N- word from me, I assure you.

Scribe said...

I wonder whether that prestigious body the American Negro Schools Association should also be forced to apologise? It sickens me that educated people on both sides of the Atlantic put up with this pernicious nonsense.

Greyman 82 said...

Negro is simply the masculine form of the Spanish word for black.

As for the headmistress of Benenden, she was quoting the original name of Black History Month, which was Negro History Month. Those silly, expensively-educated girls were apparently unable to understand the context in which their head teacher used the word "negro", and the difference between that and using the "n-word" as a racial slur or insult.

finian said...

Long since, Father...long since. Leave your “niggardly” at the door, please:
< https://www.irishtimes.com/news/niggardly-attitude-to-word-costs-man-job-1.1258732>

Joshua said...

Russian oilmen once caused considerable offence in the abovementioned African nation by innocently suggesting, as a business title for their proposed natural gas extraction joint venture, a merger of the first part of that nation's name with -gas.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Why do these insipid attacks continue? Because they work and they keep Whitey on the defensive because whites have been educated/trained that they are racist merely owing to their race.

All one can do is have a few shiny responses to momentarily distract them.

If you are a white American, over the course of your lifetime the federal government will, on average and on your behalf, transfer $384,109 of your wealth and income to a single black individual.

According to the data derived from the 2014 federal budget, the average annual net tax/benefit broke down as follows:

White: -$2,795
Black: +$10,016

Over the course of an average 79-year lifespan, a white individual contributes a net $220,805 to the system, whereas over the course of an average 75-year lifespan, a black individual receives a net $751,200. However, since there are 4.6 times more whites than blacks in the USA, the black share has to be divided among the various contributors to sort out a one-to-one comparison.

So, the net cost to the average White American of the average Black American is $384,109. Married? That's $768,218. Got 2 kids? That's $1,536,436. 4 kids? Now we're talking $2,304,654 lifetime.


Of course, facts wil not deter the racists from continually demanding more and so it'd be helpful to let the anti-white racists learn of th eturth of this observation by an American Back Professor:

Though it’s not politically correct to say, today’s blacks benefitted immensely from the horrors suffered by our ancestors.…Had there not been slavery, and today’s blacks were born in Africa instead of the United States, we’d be living in the same poverty that today’s Africans live in and under the same brutal regimes.

Black Lives Matter but not as much as the life of ABS and his family and friends

John Nolan said...

The problem with 'Black History Month' is that it has little to do with history. If someone were to see English and British history as a matter for unalloyed celebration he would be ridiculed, and rightly so.

What about the villains of black history? King Shaka of the Zulus was a bloodthirsty tyrant who makes Henry VIII look tame. King Tegbesu of Dahomey (Benin) made £250,000 in 1750 selling slaves; his successor King Gezo said in the 1840s he would accede to all British demands except the abolition of the slave trade, 'the ruling principle of my people ... the source and glory of their wealth.' When he died in 1858 eight hundred slaves were massacred in ceremonial tribute.

Then there were the African Moslem slave traders like Tipu Tib who were still operating in the last quarter of the 19th century.

School history syllabuses include the US civil rights movement but use the anachronistic term 'African American'. Martin Luther King did not have a problem with the term 'negro'. No doubt he is now on the target list of the BLM woke warriors.