7 June 2019


"I cannot abide [Exeter College Chapel], not simply as being new, but as being out of character  with Oxford."


E sapelion said...

That seems curious. Scott's 1859 chapel was (according to the college website) designed with a Eucharistic focus for fellows strongly influenced by the Oxford Movement, to replace a 1623 chapel. Can you dig up more background for this Eminent opinion, please.

Jhayes said...

From the College website

"the decision to demolish the seventeenth century chapel was influenced as much by the religious leanings of the Fellowship as by concerns about the state of the building. Several of the Fellows were supporters of the Oxford Movement; indeed in 1837, Newman had remarked, ‘At Exeter, right opinions are strong’. The mood was therefore right for a complete re-design and the building of a chapel which would be Eucharistic in focus and Decorated Gothic in style."