4 June 2019

Cardinal Burke on Ristgate

"We seem in the Church to have fallen into a kind of totalitarian mentality."

This is hardly surprising, considering the papolatrous uebersuperhyperultrapapalism of the ideological cronies who support the Bergoglianist errors.

Indeed, we do so 'seem'! Possibly, we not only 'seem', but we actually have so 'fallen'!!

Totalitarianism has often (do I mean always?) in so many cultures been accompanied by the unhealthy, unmanly adulation of the Dear Leader.

However, totalitarianism eventually cracks. Readers will remember those jolly videoclips of the late Ceaucescu suddenly realising that the crowd spread out beneath his balcony are shouting against him rather than, as they had previously been drilled to do, in mindless adoration.

This one will crack, too. Her Immaculate Heart will prevail. Her calx immaculata will squidge cunctas haereses in universo mundo. She is gloriously ruthless.

One detail intrigues me. After the fall of totalitarianisms, the custom is that all of a sudden everybody turns out to have been a secret member of the Resistance! In 1945, this proved, miraculously, to be true of every single Frenchman/woman.

Will even dear little Cupich turn out in the next pontificate to have been (behind the scenes, of course) a relentless and indefatigable opponent of Bergoglianism?


scotchlil said...

The actions against Professor Rist really are utterly shameful. The present climate in the Church seems one of complete disregard for the truth. To contrast the apparent gibberish uttered by the present Bishop of Rome with the massive scholarship of Professor Rist reveals just how far astray things have gone. I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Rist and his family during their stint in Aberdeen in the 1980's. Not only a scholar but a man of real faith and piety. If I had to choose between his utterances and those of Pop Francis..... I wonder who will be next to experience Roman 'mercy'?

fatty said...

Cupich will never claim to be a member of the resistance, but he is the consummate politician and he will transform to whatever is required for the next pontiff.

John Patrick said...

I wonder if part of the reason is the increasing need to keep the lid on as awareness of the Homosexual clerical scandal increases in scope, going from a purely American phenomenon localized to a few places such as Boston to a national and global one. Especially as groups such as Church Militant expose more and more of what is going on.

John F. Kennedy said...

You no doubt are correct. It would be near impossible for Herr Gobbe... I mean Cupich, to be accused of being a faithful 'person" of the NuChurch.

Claudio said...

Dear Father John,
To your last question: be assured that yes, that will be the case!
Many thanks for your post.
Claudio Pierantoni



Dan Hayes said...

"dear little Cupich" Either Cupich will (belatedly and unconvincingly) join the counterrevolution or he will assume the papacy! Of course, neither being palatable outcomes!