10 April 2019


I know of a decayed, overgrown chapel (not Anglican, not Catholic, but Calvinist) deep in a wooded demesne in the County Kerry, the Kingdom of the West.

It dates from the time of the Famine. The Squire provided ample food to those of the peasantry, and to their children, who were prepared to come along and take part with him in the dark idolatrous superstitions of Reformation Calvinism.

If you declined participation in the 'Souper's' religion, your children would starve.

That dreadful building still had, when I discovered it twenty years ago, hanging around it the stink of Evil.


Dr. Adam DeVille said...

Are we sure this isn't the kind of proselytism the current bishop of Rome had in mind in his recent comments? Certainly among many Eastern Christians, Catholic and Orthodox, especially in the former Soviet bloc, this is arguably the first thing they think of when they hear the word 'proselytism'--one Christian or Christian group using something (often food, a building, or some promise of political freedom) if they but convert to the other side. Ukrainian Greco-Catholics know this only too well (e.g., Patriarch Joseph Slipyj was apparently promised the throne of Moscow--to become patriarch--if he abandoned the UGCC in 1945 and 'converted' to the Russian Orthodox Church).

E sapelion said...

I knew someone who was a child caught up in the Bengal famine of 1943. As a six year old, he was instructed by the nuns who taught him to baptise people he found dying by the roadside on his way to and from school.

John F. Kennedy said...

Seems to be the "new" policy of "c"atholic China. All with Rome's blessing

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

On October, 8, 1965 The 145 General Congregation addressed the matter of Missionary Importance ...

The ecumenical council’s completely revised schema on the missions offers a remedy for the modern crisis of the missionary conscience, Joseph Cardinal Frings of Cologne, Germany, declared in the name of “many missionary bishops.”

The Cardinal outlined the agonizing question some missioners are asking themselves: If God can save men who remain outside the visible Church, why carry the Gospel to them?

(His peritus, Father Joseph Ratzinger, once he became Pope, began to publicly deny the salvific necessity of missionary activities directed at Jews.)


Cardinal Journet, after asserting that the Church is subject to the new law of preaching the Gospel to every creature, said it would be erroneous to think that today’s plurality in religion is a part of God’s plan. Missionary activity is not optional for the Christian but an urgent precept, he said….

++++++++ end of quotes+++++

Well, the good Cardinal can be excused for not then jumping on the Bergolian Bandwagon as it did not then exist because the, uh, deepening of doctrine had not yet occurred.

It is important to remember that while doctrine does not change it does deepen and even though the deepening results in doctrine that quite clearly contradicts The Doctrine of Catholic Tradition that is a contradiction in appearance only and so do not become a pickle faced pharisee and identify the glaring contradiction but meekly accept the fake continuity coming from the mouth of the betrayers because obedience and religious submission of will.

Prayerful said...

Souperism was a notable tactic of some landlords and proselytisers, that is, Bible Societies, during the Great Famine. The Quaker, by contrast, provided an exemplary example of non Catholic charity to Catholics whose own priests were dying of disease and hunger.