17 March 2019

The Emerald Isle

Q What should the Irish do on S Patrick's Day?
A Wake up from their hiberniation.

The first S Patrick's Day since the Enemy promised to the Irish people, as he did to Tinidril on Perelandra, "I have come that you might have Death, and have it in abundance."

I think Cardinal Sarah should revoke the indult that allows the dioceses of Ireland to celebrate S Patrick even on a Sunday in Lent.


Tom said...

But Father it's not our fault St. Patrick was called home to God during Lent. The fault is with the One who called him! As for removing the indult - I was actually going to object but then I thought 'no, that's actually not a bad idea!' It would not make a blind bit of difference to the multitudinous semi-Catholics and heathen over here but it since it's a bank holiday anyway celebrating St Patrick on the following Monday is not a problem. It's done for other feasts so why not for St Patrick?
Anyway: Beannachtaí lá fhéile Phádraig!

William said...

We probably need an authorised form for the ‘commemoration’ of saints whos day falls on a Sunday. At mass (of the day) this morning, the priest used the Litany of S Patrick after the prayer after communion. That seemed about right.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Have a Blessed Saint Patrick's Day. ABS hopes you have some quality home corned beef because the industrial packaged stuff was invented by Bugnini and it is a food product that one could call Lil' Licit Lunch.

Real Irish men who go to The Real Mass are just now rinsing off their home made corned beef brisket and letting it come up to room temp before slow roasting one of the five pound briskets to be served with a colcannon casserole) while their Bride takes care of the other five pounder as a boiled dinner.

Children and grandchildren will soon arrive to share the joys of their progenitors from the Ol'Sod..

O, and have a half and half with Guinness floated on top of Harp but just don't go to an Irish Pub and ask for a Black and Tan.

Pax tecum, Father. You are a great read every day.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

I am an Irish priest. I thoroughly agree with you about the indult, which is a typical Irish 'solution' to a non-existent problem. The public holiday is automatically moved to Monday when the 17th falls on a Sunday. When 19 March falls on a Sunday St Joseph' Day is automatically moved liturgically to the following day.

Prayerful said...

Presumably you mean a future Pope Sarah, which either won't happen (something tells me it's a bet I'd win if I gambled) or who'd be a sort of Benedict XVII, a hapless, utterly weak, not that brave, and ever so slightly traditional Pope, who'll give time for Team Spirit of V2 to ready Francis 2.

Irish Catholics faced a combination of probably some of the worst bishops in Europe who made the then Abp Dolan of New York, tasked with visitation of the toxic, pink Versailles, non Catholic Maynooth Pontifical Seminary, seem a second Athanasius, and a conspiracy by the political class and the utterly dishonest Referendum Commission (this was to be a vote to restore the prior situation with only a possibility of very limited abortion). After all that, possibly one third voted for something that seemed likely to be something limited, although given a purple haired harpies and soy boys who celebrated the vote passing, some really, really like abortion.

Michael Leahy said...

St. Patrick might have banished the snakes from Ireland, but, as Prayerful points out, he certainly didn't banish invertebrates.

The Church here, if it had any gumption, would retreat from having anything to do with a national holiday that has become a secular and pagan festival of fake-leprechaunry and other cringeworthy versions of stage-Irishry that were originally concocted as a mockery of true Irishness. And an excuse for gross drunkeness, which is the rationalisation for most public events in this country now.

I am not so sure that the third of our population who voted to remove the prohibition on abortion were so naive. Unless one lived in complete isolation for the last decade or so, it was quite obvious that there was a rabidly blood-thirsty desire for a very extreme abortion regime on the part of the now-dominant liberal faction, abetted as they were by ultra-liberal Silicon Valley, UN and EU proponents. To me, at least, it was as clear as the nose on my face that this was a vote for uninhibited and unlimited abortion. The hatred for the voiceless, for Catholicism, for anything perceived to be 'uncool' (read non-progressive) among these people is palpable and there is hardly the slightest attempt to conceal it. Ignorance is a weak defense. While all the murderousness was being legislated, most people with whom I attempted to strike up a discussion about it were utterly uninterested. The Terror was being enacted in front of our eyes and people didn't seem to give a damn.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Michael. Another option is to celebrate it worthily and teach one's children to do the same.

Clocks can be turned back by the faithful whereas abandoning the clock serves no man.

Look at what man has done to everything - from the Ten Commandments to The Covenants to The Real Mass - and while what man has done is lamentable, the reasonable response is to strive to restore all of these things to their rightful states.

Abandoning what is good because it has become corrupt means surrendering to Satan.