8 January 2019

Statistics, damned Statistics

I read recently on the Internet (yes, I know I should get out more) that by far the greatest cause of human death in 2018 was Abortion, at nearly 42 million.

And in another place, I read that the number of abortions in the State of Israel had gone down. This heading reminded me of the classic (but, I gather, apocryphal) headline Small earthquake in Peru Not many deaths.

I acknowledge that such news is good news, but I can't help feeling that, well, since Israel was founded as a safe refuge for members of a cruelly persecuted race, the idea that any Jew should be killed there, and by a fellow Jew, is rather horrible.


lynn said...

And the Palestinians, the relatives of jesus, have not been cruelly persecuted, by this most cruelly persecuted race?

Christopher Boegel said...


Did you know that the Palestinians - who you suggest are cruelly persecuted - are rated by the Pew Poll, according to their extremely high approval of violent Sharia (>80% approval of cutting off hands, stoning for adultery, death for apostasy from Islam) among the Top 3 most violent Islamic communities?

Fr John Hunwicke said...

I find it hard to believe that the Christian Palestinians adopt these attitudes.

This unedifying argument is now closed.