30 January 2019


"The Pope is infallible in actu, not in habitu -- in his particular pronouncements ex cathedra, not in his state of illumination, as an Apostle might be."

Post Scriptum: I thank a friend for the information that Blessed John Henry's second miracle has been unanimously approved. Patent ianuae!!

I wonder if we shall hear more about plans for the Canonisation after the CBCEW post-Easter meetiing.

It would be jolly to get some fun this autumn.

Dottore subito ...


David said...

Dear Father,
I think you will enjoy this video of a congregation leaving St. James Church in Hull in 1902 . It is speed corrected. It is a lot of fun to watch and very impressive the number attending. 2:31 long.


David Nelson

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the fromthecardinalsdesk entries. Would it be possible for you to list the source of the quote? That would be a great help to us uninformed neophytes everywhere