15 December 2018

The Age of the Commissars

So ... one of the Roman auxiliary bishops, a Jesuit, has been appointed  Commissar of the Priestly Brotherhood of the Family of Christ (FSFC) in Ferrara. Is he, one can't help wondering, a Bergoglian? The mere fact that he himself comes from Ferrara is hardly a guarantree of austere impartiality. One wonders whose idea it was ... assuming that the FSFC really did need to be handed over to a Commissar ... to treat them like this. Is there no sympathetic bishop who could have advised this small but growing Traditionalist Family?

There have been reports recently that the SSPX might resume negotiations with the Holy See. I do not mean disrespectfully to imply that I know better than the new management of that organisation how, or whither, it should be led. But I find it hard to believe that, in the current climate, it would be wise to subject it to the current Roman regime. And I do understand why Rome might be anxious to get its hands on the Society ... one of the few places in the Latin Church where the writ of the bullies does not yet run. Lente lente currite noctis equi.

Readers will remember the regulations according to which diocesan bishops were peremptorily deprived of the right to set up religious communities of diocesan right within their jurisdictions without interference from the Congregation for Religious. I imagine that wise bishops will refrain from canonically erecting any new and orthodox groups, but will instead protect and foster them in an informal uncanonical state until the days of joy and freedom return. Is it a sign of health in an ecclesial body that pastoral and prudent hierarchs will feel the necessity to operate beneath the canonical radar?

It is hardly surprising that, when an orthodox Shepherd dies or retires, there should be such anxieties about what might happen to his diocese. There must be quite a few seedy would-be misthotoi slouching impatiently  behind Roman pillars puffing away at their fags while eagerly awaiting the rewards of sycophancy and networking.

This present pontificate is not only cruel.

It is also coarse and vulgar.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Bartolomeo's portrait of Flora (Lucrerzia Borgia?)- Pope Alexander Vi's daughter) has her as exposed to the world as the nekkid agenda of the Bishop of Rome but one does not mind looking at Bartolomeo's work while one tries to avoid seeing the praxis of the Pope.

The BOR frequently calls his opponents Pharisees and one wonders if that habit reveals even more than it at first blush seems to reveal- more than just his his antipathy towards Tradition.

Is it possible that the BOR is messianic in that he sees opposition to his new doctrines as essentially equivalent to the new doctrines of Jesus which so angered the pharisees?

Does he think that opposition to him is the ecclesiastical equivalent of the Pharisees opposition to Jesus?

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. O.T. but you might appreciate this post about Francis, not Benedict XVI, being Pope.

Thanks you for all of your great work, Father

Pax tecum

Archimandrite Gregory said...

Father, that says it all. Thank you for your clarity of expression in these times of great turmoil.

James said...

May the wretched, abusive pontificate of Francis the Destroyer terminate very soon.

Justina said...

"You say, 'Bergoglio sees himself as the new messiah' like it's a bad thing." --Father Rosica