31 December 2018

Prognostications for 2019

I am sure that my admirable friend and brother priest Fr Zed will have some intelligent forecasts to make. I offer only the following humble and baseless guess:

That the abuse crisis will move even closer to PF himself.


Paul Hellyer said...

I think the abuse crisis is only the tip of the iceberg. The Church is under diabolical attack. It is being slowly destroyed by evil clergy who ignore the teachings of Christ and His Church. The NO is the Trojan horse. Homo-protestantisation is the doctrine.
Cease these intellectual games while Rome burns.
God bless you all for 2019.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

When things seem chaotic it is useful to remember it is always darkest before the storm

GOR said...

My prediction would be that the abuse and cover-up issues will not ‘go away’ as many in the hierarchy, apparently, would like to happen.

Currently, in the US – and probably in many other countries – the bishops have little if any credibility left. That extends also to the Vatican and Pope Francis. I see little hope that things may change any time soon and in all likelihood things will get worse.

The stonewalling by the Pope and his heavy-handed intervention in the USCCB’s annual meeting are telling. Appointing Cdl. Cupich to the organizing committee for the February confab is a further indication. It would be like appointing Judas to audit the charitable receipts. There is a need for a thorough housecleaning – starting at the top.

James said...

Pope FRANCIS is a big ZERO.

ccc said...

I will suggest this article in response to your post about the validity of the new rite of ordination of Bishops. I fully agree they are legitimately ordained. This is interesting.


Prayerful said...

Pope Francis as Archbishop Bergoglio and President of the Argentine Episcopal Conference he oversaw the publication of two volumes which aggressively questioned the testimony of the orphan victims of Fr Grassi and his fake charity. This was at the time the jury was considering its verdict and the lawyer for the victims considered it gross interference in a trial. Someone even put that question to Francis personally (as with the Barros case Latin Americans might be more inclined to do something outside the blogosphere) and he denied that.

There are quite few cases where the role played by Francis passed from the usual malign advocacy for the accused priest (Cardinal Cocopalmiero is claimed to intercede often for Fr Inzoli and other convicted abuser priests) to a form of meddling in the case, which in many places is a crime.

Francis mocks his us when he calls his critics clerical, when there is no one more clerical. My point is that there is already so much available showing his poor attitude to sexual wrongdoing by priests, and nothing has happened except online expressions of annoyance.

cogito said...

"...the abuse crisis will move even closer to PF himself...."
PF=Ground Zero