10 June 2018

White Rose Day

The wild roses in our hedgerows seem even more generously and abundantly in blossom this year than usual ... almost as if Boucher or Fragonard were personally responsible for their frothy glory ...

... On June 10, in 1688, our late Sovereign Lord King James II and VII was presented by his wife with a Son and Heir, who was to reign for longer than any other British Monarch de iure.

His Birthday became known as White Rose Day, and those who advocated his rights wore either a white rose or ... out of season ... a white cockade. Oxford was an immensely Jacobite city ... you could tap Geach into the Blog's Search Engine.

To the Glorious Memory of King James III and VIII!

Nunc est bibendum! Nunc pede libero pulsanda tellus!

And Vivat Rex!

And three cheers for the Governing House of Liechtenstein!

You know it makes sense!


DeHereticoComburendo said...

Ah, I geddit now…

This son, ‘James III’, the Old Pretender, was the Jacobite claimant from his father’s death in 1701 until his own demise in 1766, which is 64-plus years. The present ‘queen’ has ruled longer but she isn’t the real monarch - that distinction belongs to Liechtenstein’s ruling house. Love it.

Jhayes said...

The news from Moidart cam yestreen
Will soon gar mony ferlie,
For ships o war hae just come in
And landed Royal Charlie.

Come through the heather, around him gather,
Ye're all the welcomer early;
Around him cling with a your kin,
For wha'll be King but Charlie?
Come through the heather, around him gather
Come Ronald, come Donald, come a thegither;
And crown your rightfu lawfu King
For wha'll be King but Charlie?
The Highland clans with sword in hand
Frae John o Groats tae Airlie
Hae tae a man declared to stand
Or fa wi Royal Charlie.

The Lowlands a, both great an sma,
Wi many's a lord and laird hae
Declared for Scotia's King an Law,
And spier ye wha, but Charlie.

There's ne'er a lass in a the land
But vows both late and early
To man she'll neer give heart nor hand
Wha wadna fecht fer Charlie.

Then here's a health tae Charlie's cause,
And be't complete and early;
His very name our heart's bluid warms;
Tae arms for Royal Charlie.

Albrecht von Brandenburg said...

You're forgetting about the priority of the House of Plantagenet's claim to the throne via Richard III's brither, George. And the heir is Catholic (and a fellow Australian)!! Talking of "The Great South Land of The Holy Spirit", I don't suppose you're coming downunder any time soon, Father??

Grant Milburn said...

Sometime in the last 330 years the Jacobite cause has morphed from the category of “Quite a reasonable political viewpoint” to the category of “Get a life.”

Oh well...all together now…

(mf) Will ye no come back again?
Will ye no come ba-ack again?...
(subito p) Better lo’ed ye canna be…
(f) Will ye no (molto rall.) come back A…..GAIN!!

PS. My “Small Roman Missal” of 1952 contains the following:


In England.

(after High Mass on Sunday.)

V. Domine, salvam fac Reginam nostram N…
R. Et exaudi nos….


Oremus. Quaesumus, omnipotens Deus, ut famula tua N...Regina nostra, quae tua miseratione suscepit regni gubernacula, …

And the same in English. Now if what I call my traditional-traditional Missal (ie pre 1955) can endorse the Hanoverian dynasty, who am I to judge? (The prayer is also in my 1957 Missal, but I know you want a Bugnini-free source.)

Grant Milburn said...

PPS. The Queen of 1952 has lasted longer than the Mass of 1952.

PseudonymousposterJohn said...

"The queen of 1952 has lasted longer..."
Well. Up to a point.
The 'queen of 1952' swore an oath the following year to maintain Protestant Christianity in her country.
That has not really worked out so well, has it?