8 June 2018

It is important to keep up the pressure

Professor William Tighe ... goodness me, what a fantastic ministry he does perform of keeping sound information circulating ... points out that Fr Weinandy has published, in The Catholic Thing, a neat, elegant, and witty demonstration that the real "Neo-Gnostics" in the Church are ... stone the crows ... the Bergoglians!! Beautiful. Understated and magnificent.

Weinandy, you will remember, was the last Warden of the Oxford Greyfriars, who wrote a helpful letter to the Pope last summer and, for his trouble, was sacked by the Yankie-doodle bishops from something or other which I cannot now remember. Neither can you.

Sackings can be such fun. I think all those with a record of criticising the current regime should be given half-a-dozen or more grand titular roles so that they can be progressively stripped of them. Thus will discipline be maintained.

I would like a few archdeaconries and canonries and one or two prebends. I don't think Pam would permit me to be an Abbot nullius, even in partibus infidelium. Extraordinary Papal Legate to the Order of the Golden Fleece would be nice. Or Apostolic Administrator in absentia of the Arctic Ice-Cap.


Donna Bethell said...

Hear, hear! Fr. Weinandy was a mere consultant to the Theological Committee of the USCCB, but our bishops could not stomach even that. Faster than you can say Amoris laetitia, he was sacked. But I have seen him since and he is quite cheerful, even, dare I say it, liberated. Ad multos annos!

Joshua said...

I do hope you can be made Bishop of the Moon - though that would entail our planet's only natural satellite being separated from the Diocese of Orlando, of which it has been part (owing to certain provisions of the 1917 Code of Canon Law) since the first men on the Moon landed there, having begun their voyage of discovery from a launching pad in that diocese.

Surely there are members of the Magic Circle - men of influence with the powers that be - who (having failed to prevent your ordination) would be only too pleased to see you no longer a member of the clergy on Earth?

vetusta ecclesia said...

Congrats on anniversary.

+John the Ice Cap is a good sign manual.