26 May 2018

Missing Faces: the Final Solution

For some fifteen years we took our summer holidays in Ireland; and, every year I wondered what it was that seemed missing on the streets of England after we got back home.

Then the penny dropped in my mind. In Knightstown, on Valentia Island in County Kerry, there was a new and happy residence for people with Down's Syndrome. We knew some of them; we greeted them and as cheerfully were greeted by them each year when we arrived there. They were an accepted part of the community.

Those faces were and are missing on the streets of England. They have been missing here for decades. Because, you know, such faces have no place in a modern state.

Just as, after Hitler's murderous deportations of millions of Jews to the death camps, there were faces missing from the streets of German cities, towns, and villages.

Leo Varadkar is receiving exstatic plaudits. Will anybody deny that he deserves them, as he sets in motion the Final Solution of the Down's Problem?


Kathleen1031 said...

All those Irish women cheering, raising their fists in Nazi salutes, do they realize they are cheering their own extinction? The TFR, total fertility rate, of Ireland, is insufficient to keep Ireland going. They will soon be overrun by Islam of course, Soros has that planned for every nation, so they'll have enough people, but the redheads will disappear. The homosexual Varadhkar or however it's spelled says Ireland is now more "compassionate and tolerant", and all the pretty fools bought it. As a woman I'm entirely disappointed with how easy it is to fool so many women. No wonder Eve listened to that serpent.
The babies, yes, the Down syndrome babies, and all babies, it's heartbreaking. Ireland has rejected the Catholic Church, and rejected God. Ireland is now officially a pagan nation, no longer Christian or Catholic, embracing Satan with open arms.
And across the way, baby Alfie Evans was assassinated, a baby was stalked by a government and killed, and now Tommy Robinson sits in a jail for coming too close to the truth about gangs grooming children for rape. I would say I hope the US gives Tommy Robinson US citizenship and lets him come here, but now I know that will never happen.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. As anyone knows who has friends living with that syndrome, it is a temptation difficult to resist to consider it a Down's blessing.

Do you know anyone who enjoys life more?

The Bride has worked for over forty years with people who have Down's and ABS has been blessed to have been their friend.

Alan said...

Interesting to see, Father, that the only county to vote No was Donegal. Coincidentally or not, it also seems to be the county with highest proportion of protestants.

Liam Ronan said...

This August 2018 Pope Francis, tongue-tied throughout the entire abortion referendum held May 25, will arrive in Dublin for "The World Meeting of Families" (WMOF) seated on a colt amidst a sea of ululating hosannas from the media now keenly aware of the recently and presciently delivered papal remark "God-made-you-that-way".

For Ireland's LGBT community and all the present day merciful 'Yes' catholics, who will rapturously lay palms before Pope Who-am-I-to-Judge, there will inevitably come the supreme iconic photo-op when gay Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his partner will pass on a thousand welcomes to the God of Surprises with a warm embrace.

"It is where he loves that he bestows correction; there is no recognition for any child of his, without chastisement." Hebrews 12:6 (Knox Translation)

Expect no stripes to be doled-out at this love fest.

Michael Leahy said...

Kathleen, you have said it true.

Johnjohn said...

Irish, living in France 30 years this month, broken hearted. Going home will never be quite the same against. Something is lost, never ever to be retrieved.