24 March 2018


Apparently someone called Paglia is going around shouting at people that the time has come to stop discussing Amoris and just to receive it. Let us hope that he and his chums stay well clear of these Three Kingdoms.

It doesn't seem very long ago that Parrhesia was so insistently commended on such high authority.

What short memories some people have.

Moi, I'll stick with Parrhesia.

Until PF ex cathedra officially demotes it from being a virtue to being a vice.

Loquere nobis, Petre!


mark wauck said...

It's all about Dei Verbum, "living tradition," and being led by the Spirit. Oh, and humility. Lo, the spirit of V2! Now, who was it that wrote all that stuff, anyway?

mark wauck said...

Here's some real parrhesia:


Sadly, it took action by prosecutors to bring about the parrhesia.

Grant Milburn said...

Paglia threatens the Three Kingdoms with the Amoris. Parrhesia to the rescue!

Sounds like the plot of a new Marvel movie...

Bud said...

If after all this time I am still not clear what it is saying then how do I accept it? Perhaps some dubia answers might help!

Michael Leahy said...

I think Camille Paglia might be more worth listening to!

coradcorloquitur said...

As always with liberals and Modernists---discussions can be endless as long as their ideas are not adopted or given some kind of legitimacy, whether authentic legitimacy or only apparent. But the second their agenda is shoved down everyone's throat (by vote, or by machinations, or by force), then discussions should, must cease---it's then all "settled science," as they like to say to give false gravitas to their destructive ideology. Shameless, brazen tyrants is what most of them are. Read "The Dictator Pope" and weep.