29 March 2018

Holes; digging

According to a plausible and circumstantial account in Onepeterfive, Lettergate continues to throw up further ramifications.

One no longer expects these people to tell the truth. As Amoris has made clear, the only duty with regard to any of the Commandments (these do still include Thou shalt not bear false witness), is to treat it as a beautiful ideal pleasantly hedged with qualifications.

But someone ought to explain to them that the following two principles can have quite a sting in their  tails, however much any "Apostolic Exhortation" may attempt to qualify them:

(1) Oh what a tangled web we weave: when once we practise to deceive.

(2) It is generally best, when in a hole, to stop digging. 


According to the Media, PF plans, this evening, to perform his annual ritual gesture of disdain for Law by washing the feet of Moslems and a Buddhist.  


Liam Ronan said...

I suspect that the feet of many Christians are unavailable for PF to wash, having had so many of them nailed to the Cross in Islamic nations.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Our Maundy Thursday Our Pope and Our Cross unwrapped for us the gift of his wisdom - There is no Hell


During the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago all hell broke loose and there were violent clashes between the police and the extreme left protestors and so Mayor Daley called a Presser during which he delivered these memorable lines:

The policeman isn't there to create disorder.
The policeman is there to preserve disorder.

ABS has become convinced that Our Pope and Our Cross has this as his Papal Motto:

I am not here to create disorder in the modern church.
I am here to preserve disorder.

Banshee said...

Well... if it's not during Mass and he's not washing the feet of priests as their bishop, the Pope is acting as a temporal lord.

As a temporal lord, he is asserting that he is the superior of the poor or the imprisoned, and that it is his job (and that of other lords or wealthy people) to take care of them with charity.

He is also (by inference) asserting that his temporal lordship includes superiority over atheists, infidels, and pagans.

So yeah, basically it's Triple Tiara: The Sequel.