8 December 2022

Tu Gloria Jerusalem

Throughout the opening chapters of S Luke's Gospel, like the insistent tolling of Great Tom after nine o'clock each evening, there rings the insistent phrase kata ton nomon Moyseos. Mary, the truest Daughter of Jerusalem, who is herself the antitype of Sion, obeyed punctiliously the Torah, as gradually, storing away like a miser in her Immaculate Heart the wonders of which she had been made a partaker, she came to full understanding that the Child upon her knee was himself the blessed Torah Incarnate. "Whatever he says unto you ..."

Mary Immaculate is, surely, meant to be known as an icon of Redeemed Israel; Israel as she and all men were meant to be if Eve had not fallen; as in God's promises she will be, purged from the disobediences against which her prophets preached, washed in the waters of Baptism, joyful in the knowledge that her God is faithful and that his promises will be fulfilled.

Condemn me as a 'judaizer' if you like, but my heart lifts whenever I see a family of what our nasty secular Media disdainfully call "the Ultra-Orthodox"; the mother caring for her children, the father, as likely as not, with his nose in the Torah. Surely we should pray for those whose devotion to the Torah needs but the gentlest removal of the veil from their eyes so that, seeing, they may grasp Who that Torah is.
Living and departed, may they be all faithful, like Mary, to the End (telos), knowing finally Who the End, the Omega, is, and, like Mary at Golgotha, hearing the proclamation tetelestai.


Paul in Melbourne, Australia said...

This is so beautiful, Father

David J Critchley said...

Jean-Jacques Olier explains that the reason why in the traditional rite the subdeacon purifies the holy vessels is to show that at the end of the world the saints of the Old Law, like Moses and Elijah, will reproach the saints of the New Law; the holiness of the Jews who convert will make the Christians redden with shame; and the Jews will purify the Christians. Similarly, the subdeacon folds the corporal to show that the Jews will bring the mystery of the Body of Christ to completion by becoming its final members (Explication, Bk 8 chap 4).

Albrecht von Brandenburg said...

More likely to have his mose in the awful (Babylonian) Talmud.


Cherub said...

For those who do not understand NT Greek, the term κατὰ τὸν νόμον Μωϋσέως means "according to the law of Moses".

Cherub said...

This is beautifully explained. Our Lady gave birth to He who is the fulfilment of the Torah.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

I don't quite understand why the saints of the Mosaic Law (superseded) will reproach the Saints of the New Covenant because the New and Eternal Covenant was instituted by Jesus Christ who, as testator, died and sealed it with His Blood - see Hebrews chapter nine - whereas Moses used the blood of animals for the old covenant and the Saints of the New Covenant were sanctified by the Body and Blood of Christ.

There are many explanations of why the priest or deacon or subdeacon does this or that -