4 March 2017

Mugs! Popes! Jesuits!!

They have arrived!! I am immensely grateful to two kind and generous benefactors who have made me possessor of a mug and of a stein commemorating Papa Ganganelli, alias Clement XIV. Thank you! They are very fine indeed; I would encourage all readers to avail themselves of these impressive monuments to a great pontiff.

I have recently read a 1914 biography of Cardinal Allen, and some chapters in Eamon Duffy's new collection of his papers, both treating of the Jesuits. We all know and deeply admire such Jesuit martyrs as the erudite, sparkling, courageous S Edmund Campion, but it is fascinating to peruse the internecine warfare which existed between the Jesuits  and the secular clergy in the recusant period of English Church History.

There must have been many people, down the centuries, who have longed for the Society's suppression! When Papa Ganganelli did suppress them, many brimming steins must have been raised to him in many countries!


Patrick Sheridan said...

I've always wanted a Daily Politics mug.

carl said...

Father, you mentioned in passing Duffy's new collection of Cardinal Allen's papers. I inquired after it on Amazon, but came up fruitless. Though I did come across his new work 'Reformation Divided', so it was nevertheless a happy pursuit. Would you indulge us with the name of the work on Cardinal Allen?

Anne B said...

I have read in one of his biographies about the great St Ignatius Loyola's trembling and then stoic resignation at this pope's election. God permitted his death before his worst fear was realised.