12 March 2017

"Join the Ordinariate! Join it now!! The Game is Up!!!"

A very good piece by Mgr Edwin Barnes, emeritus Bishop of Richborough, on his blog Antique Richborough.

Incidentally, Mgr Andrew Burnham, emeritus Bishop of Ebbsfleet, in a splendid piece on the Catholic Herald blog, appears to imply that he swam the Tiber in 2008. Can that really be right?


Highland Cathedral said...

I went to the blog mentioned and could not find the article you refer to. I did a search on Google and the only mention of the article refers to your website.

Robert said...

The article is here:


George R. said...

The address is:


John Vasc said...

HC: the first-mentioned article is to be found at the link

The Catholic Herald article by Mgr. Burnham is here:

Scelata said...

Highland Cathedral, try this
(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Peter said...


motuproprio said...

On 8 July 2008, Andrew Burnham announced his intention to lead his Anglo-Catholic parishioners into unity with the Roman Catholic Church because of disagreement about provision for those opposed to the proposed ordination of women as bishops in the Church of England. In a column in the Catholic Herald, he asked Pope Benedict XVI to provide a way for his parishioners to join him in the move. ( https://web.archive.org/web/20080711015800/http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/articles/a0000323.shtml ) So clearly in 2008 'alea jacta erat'.

Unknown said...

Well, he says he left the Church of England, but he does not say he sought reception in any other Church or ecclesial community. Perhaps he just saw himself as member of the Anglican Communion, holding particularly with those parts which had not ordained priestesses, such as Central Africa and Melanasia.

I think to assert that he was secretly Catholic while working for Canterbury would be to say that he was untrue to Rome, Canterbury, his conscience, and Christ all at the same time. That's an awful thing to say about a good man.

William Tighe said...

It seems that some commenters here are making heavy weather of a thing that may be fairly straightforward: in 2008 the then Bishop of Ebbsfleet became convinced that "Rome is the (only) Answer" (or "Rita," in those circles at that time) and, IIRC, it was around that time that interested Anglicans became aware that Rome was prepared to accommodate them (and, thus, had abandoned the belief that any "ecclesial reconciliation" with the member bodies of the Anglican Communion, in whole or in part, was possible). Anglicanorum coetibus emerged in November 2009, and the bishop of Ebbsfleet was able to resign in 2010, and become a Catholic in 2011.

Also, what "motuproprio" wrote.