27 November 2016

Suspense of the Magisterium: a footnote

Professor Tighe draws attention to two articles about the teaching of John of S Thomas (1589-1644), in which that writer treats, with discussions of the great writers of earlier centuries, the question of the Deposition of Popes.

These pieces are to be found on the website of the Dominicans of Avrille, under November last year. In commending them ... in this febrile atmosphere I had better make this clear ... I imply neither that I look for the deposition of this pontiff, nor that I subscribe to the ecclesiological analysis of these Dominicans.

But there are people whose temptation to the absurdities of sedevacantism seems impervious to my own repeated words of reason. Hence my commendation of other explorations of relevant theological resources.


mark wauck said...

Anyone subscribing to the notion--as John of St. Thomas seems to hold--that only a General Council of the Church can depose a pope had best refrain from holding their breath in advance of the event. This is why I pointed out in a previous comment that Lefebvre indicated a path of resistance to abusive authority that is more practical. The realization of this possibility may be behind the current exertions by the Vatican to bring SSPX back in line--when the current pontificate has otherwise expressed nothing but contempt for traditional faithful. The Jesuit view, as I understand it, which holds that Cardinals can make the declaration, appears to share a common understanding with what Fr. Hunwicke has previously written about the theological status of the Roman Curia. This understanding may also well be behind the various letter writing initiatives of assorted Cardinals.

Sébaste13 said...

By the way, the "Dominicans" of Avrillé are not Dominicans at all : they do not belong to the Dominican Order. As we put it in French, l'habit ne fait pas le moine (the habit doesn't make the monk).

Jacobi said...


“Words of Reason”. May I say you bring a touch of objectivity to the Church at present at a time when Catholic comment is disappearing either because unpopular opinions are blocked or because comment is now closed as for example in the T and the CH. I find I can't comment now even on Fr Z.

What a mess.

Greg Burke said...

Of course, Father dear, your loyalty to the Pope is one of your most outstanding virtues. No doubt that is why you wished to draw attention to this Lefebrevist site, even if it is somewhat weird.

For a jolly laugh you may care to read the Advent letter of the Australian Bishop you kindly drew attention to recently as well. Here is the link:


Jacobi said...

@ Greg Burke

I second this. We have good bad and awful Popes. Francis is Pope. His intentions are good. His judgement is bad. He leans towards the world and the world is not interested. He does not appreciate the dangers of Secularism or Islam.

As my father once said, the time for a good laugh is when things get bad.

Nicolas Bellord said...

I do recommend Cardinal Sarah's "La Force du Silence" which while extolling silence has something to say about the present situation. Viz:

31. Je ne cesserai jamais de remercier les bons et saints pretres qui donnent avec generosite leur vie entiere pour la regne de Dieu. Mais je denoncerais sans relache ceux qui sont infideles aux promesses de leur ordination. Pour se faire connaitre ou imposer leur vision personelle, tant sur le plan theologique que pastorale, ils parlent encore et toujours. Ces clercs repetent les memes choses banales. Je serais incapable d'affirmer qu'ils sont habites par Dieu. Qui peut sentir le jaillissement pur de leur interiorite comme une source qui viendrait des profondeurs divines? Mais ils parlent, et les medias aiment les entendre pour recupeter leurs inepties, en particulier s'ils se declarent favourables aux nouvelles ideologies posthumanistes, dans le domaine de la sexualite, de la famille et du marriage. Ces clercs considerent la pensee de Dieu sur la vie conjugale comme un 'ideal evangelique'. Le marriage n'est plus une exigence et une volonte de Dieu dont le modele s'exprime dans le lien entre le Christ et l'Eglise. Certains theologiens poussent l'outrecuidance et l'arrogance jusqu'à exprimer des opinions personelles difficilement conciliables avec la Revelation, la tradition, le magistrat pluriseculaire de l'Eglise et l'enseignement du Christ. Ainsi a grand renfort de bruits mediatiques, ils vont jusqu'à contester la pensee de Dieu.

One wonders who he has in mind!

B flat said...

Three lines into the Advent letter of that Australian Bishop, I thought he had been taught writing skills by the same school which taught Obama oratory.
But persevering to the end I think not. Is this not the prophetic voice of Hard Times?
A bishop is, after all, a superintendent and a teacher, like Thos Gradgrind.
But perhaps he shouldn't be.