29 November 2016

Pio Vito Pinto

Name of the Dean of the Rota. I have warned you about him several times. He's one of those who believe that whatever Bergoglio says is the voice of the Holy Spirit - the hypersuperueberpapalists. He's been doing it again, in Spain, and talking about the Four Cardinals being stripped of their dignity. (I thank Professor Tighe for this information.)

Go and look at him. You can see him at EWTN News (English). Captured in the act of doing it.

I looked at the picture and asked myself:
~ is this the face of someone through whom the Holy Spirit is speaking?
~ is this the Face of Mercy?

Dead scary.

I hope that all our Partners in Ecumenical Dialogue are carefully reading about what being in Communion with a Bergoglian Papacy would really be like.


Deacon Augustine said...

The problem, Fr., is that all our "partners in ecumenical dialogue" are already onboard with divorce and remarriage and communion for permanent public adulterers. They are no doubt waiting for the Catholic Church to join them in the pits of hell and won't shed a tear for a few old Cardinals who happen to be faithful to that bloke they long-since ditched as having anything authoritative to say about anything - whatisname - Jesus innit?

Joshua said...

Joachimism triumphant! That old heresy that puts the Age of Christ behind us, and proclaims the new Age of the Holy Spirit (thus blaspheming the Third Person of the Trinity), an Age to be ushered in by a Papa Angelicus (whoever he may be)...

Banshee said...

He doesn't really believe the Pope's word is law. Italians are not very impressed by any pope.

But any stick is good enough to beat Catholics who oppose his ideas and those of his friends, so they pretend to obey the current pope. Even though they supported either collegiality or individual conscience when that was useful.

Nicolas Bellord said...

It is quite wrong for a Judge or Dean of the Apostolic Rota to comment upon a hypothetical case where no charge has even been made or brought to any kind of trial. Has he no respect for any ethical code supported by lawyers?

William said...

A couple of points, Mr Deacon:
(1) Hasn't the state of affairs in the Catholic Church long since reached the point where simply saying "but the other lot are just as bad" no longer constitutes an argument (if it ever did)?
(2) Besides, even if the Partners in Ecumenical Dialogue are not likely to be too bothered about the specific issue on which the Four Cardinals have spoken out, they are likely (and I take this to be Fr H's point) to be utterly aghast at the way in which it is being handled and what that says about the understanding of the papacy which is now apparently being set forward as mandatory – a notion which surely goes far beyond even the most maximalising of the Fathers of Vatican I. And they may conclude that this is so obviously a travesty of the Petrine ministry as willed by our Lord and testified to by the history of the Church that they feel morally and religiously obliged to reject it.

Donna Bethell said...

I don't quite understand this ecumenical thing, although I have been watching it for +50 years. It seems that the Catholic Church keeps changing: attitude (no more frowns), prayers (anodyne to the point of meaninglessness), devotional practices (dropped), doctrine (not mentioned), and even the Holy Mass (snipped and remixed almost beyond recognition).

All of this was supposed to make us attractive to our separated brethren. Have the Protestants changed anything to move in our direction? They seem to have abandoned everything that might have served as common ground.

Perhaps Catholics need a new approach. Maybe an apostolic exhortation Veritatis splendor. Oh, that title has been used. How about Fides et ratio? Nuts, already taken. OK, we don't need any new documents, just to get back to basics, follow the Lord, and if Protestants don't want to join the Church He founded, we must pray for them. But in no case should we let them see Archb. Pinto.

Athelstane said...

Banshee is right: Any stick is good enough, and Francesco is a useful stick at present.

In the unlikely but happy event that Cdl. Sarah (let alone Cdl. Ranjith) is elected next year as Leo XIV, Msgr Pinto will be back to singing from the collegiality songsheet.

kiwiinamerica said...

Father, there's a classic headline in the Remnant, which (I don't usually promote) but this one's a keeper:

"Don Vito to the Four Cardinals: Your Red Hats Will Sleep With the Fishes"

Say it in a Joe Pesci voice and it captures the Cosa Nostra flavor, perfectly.

B flat said...

Having had a very busy time with St Andrew's day, I have only just visited your page and your article intrigued me.
A link to the site you speak of would be useful. I found nothing relevant to your article in the news section of the English language EWTN website, and searching there for Pio Vito Pinto, brought no better result. I am disappointed.

Anonymous said...

@BFlat; Try here:


Anonymous said...

Msgr. Pinto is listed as a Freemason since the year 1970. In the 1917 Code of Canon Law, those who joined secret sects incurred automatically excommunication. They are no longer excommunicated in the 1983 revised Code, but are considered in grave sin and cannot receive Holy Communion.(http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_19831126_declaration-masonic_en.html) In these end-times, ecclesiastical freemasonry which has been prophesied is what is the problem is. There are surely many more. Fr. Malachi Martin, and the late Fr. Gabriel Amorth spoke of Satanism in the Vatican. It seems these are the ones in charge now.

Pinto, Monsignor Pio Vito. Attaché of Secretary of State and Notare of Second Section of Supreme Tribunal and of Apostolic Signature. 4-2-70; # 3317-42. "PIPIVI." (http://www.lol.witnesstoday.org/Freemasons.htm)

John Vasc said...

Incredible. It shows how deeply the rot has set in the Rota.