13 July 2016

To be read!

(1) I urge readers to peruse the Lake Garda Statement (Rorate).

(2) Father Zed has a very good piece saying most of what needs to be pointed out with regard to Cardinal Nichols' attack on versus Orientem.

(3) Rorate reveals the urgent appeal being made to the College of Cardinals and the Patriarchs of the sui iuris Churches, asking them to beg the Sovereign Pontiff to clarify passages in Amoris laetitia which appear to give countenance to heterodoxies. I cannot suggest that you read it, because, as a necessarily proper courtesy, its text is not being made public before it has been sent to the Cardinals. But it bears the signatures of some very distinguished theologians, and I ask readers to pray, with great earnestness, that this initiative may bring forth rich fruit. I assure you that it is extremely precise and logical, in the best tradition of accurate theological discourse within the Catholic Church, and eschews woffle and rhetoric. (Is that how one spells waffle?)


mark wauck said...

Frs. Zed and Schall shred the narrative, lay bare the hyocrisy, etc. Thanks for the heads up.

Tony V said...

One spells 'woffle' however one wants. But I spell it 'waffle'.

franciscanhobbit said...

When the crowd of dissidents of Humanae Vitae piled up their cloaks, nothing happened to them. I shall wait now to see what happens to the signatories who made this request regarding AL.

KaeseEs said...

To add to what Fr. Zuhlsdorf said, to me it is comical that Fr. Spadaro tried to use GIRM 146 as a proof-text that celebrating Mass ad orientem is disallowed or an unanticipated aberration when in fact it implies the opposite if anything.

Funnier still that he gave the Latin title of the book then proceeded to give the text from its English translation (aside: I wonder how long ago it was that Fr. Spadaro last used Latin intentionally).

Funniest yet that those who oppose the Roman rite and all attempts to make the Mass as prescribed by the 2002 Roman Missal resemble it furiously thumb through their (doubtless dust-covered) copies of the GIRM to find a paragraph or two which can be used as a stick with which to beat their opponents while ignoring the other 397 paragraphs.