26 July 2016


After much thought and prayer, I have appointed Mr Ben Whitworth Huius Bloggi Laureatum bene merentem for his Limerick on the thread of July 21.

It is my view that the world, and the Church, need more limericks. I do not think that we can put our woes behind us unless the production of limericks, especially among Traditionalists, is dramatically stepped up. Magisterial documents should never, if they are to merit a proper obsequium, lack a limerick.

Readers will be aware that the earliest known limerick is that composed by S Thomas Aquinas in his Prayer After Communion: 

Sit vitiorum meorum evacuatio
concupiscentiae et libidinis exterminatio
     caritatis et patientiae 
     humilitatis et obedientiae
omniumque virtutum augmentatio.

I have also appointed S Thomas to be posthumously Huius Bloggi Laureatum bene merentem.


Mgr Andrew Wadsworth said...

While Hunwicke incensed at "in hortu",
explained what no other gave thought to:
an ablative "o"
its declension must show,
so corrected "in horto" they saw to.

vetusta ecclesia said...

A red-cassocked cardinal called Nichols,
Got his underwear all of a-pickles,
When Sarah said, "East
Is the way for the feast
With a crucifix and six candlestickles".