15 February 2016

Information: FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN

I do not do (and never have done) Facebook or LinkedIn. I keep getting notifications that people want to meet me in such places; this is the only way I have of explaining that I have not accepted these invitations because I have no way of doing so. I am very sorry if I have seemed unfriendly or unresponsive.


Richard P said...

We shall all meet here. I enjoy your insights immensely.

Richard Patterson

Donna Bethell said...

Understood, Father. I don't do Facebook and LinkedIn either. I also get lots of requests to be friends or whatever. I don't have a blog so could you please announce for me that I don't participate? Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

These invites are usually the result of Facebook or LinkedIn repeatedly asking the user to invite everyone in their address book to connect/join. There is less conscious intent on the part of the user than an alarmed Bilbo frantically asking Gandalf to (go away now and) come back tomorrow for tea -- though look where that led!