14 January 2016

Our Ordinariate

Tomorrow is the fifth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Ordinariate of our Lady of Walsingham and Blessed John Henry Newman. Gracious, what a lot seems to have happened in a short time!

It is also the fifth Anniversary of the Appointment of the Right Reverend Mgr Keith Newton Protonotary Apostolic as Ordinary. All his subjects, both clerks and laics, will wish him every blessing as he continues to guide the flock entrusted to him.

If I may venture a personal hope, it is that our next quinquennium will be characterised by a rolling-out of the riches embodied in our Ordinariate Missal ... summarising, encapsulating, as it does the liturgical part of our Patrimony.


                                                    TITBIT FOR SPIKES
 Keen students of liturgical minutiae who haven't read Anglicanorum coetibus may enjoy this recondite and tasty piece of information: some people think that an Ordinary is entitled to wear the Mitre and use the other pontificalia because he is an Ordinary. Not so. There is no provision whatsoever for that in the legislation erecting the Ordinariates. What is provided for is the granting of the ius pontificalium to those who previously were Anglican Bishops. In other words, Mgr Keith wears a mitre partly by virtue of his Consecration as Bishop of Richborough in the Church of England.

Isn't Pope Emeritus Benedict a gentleman?


Nonnisi pro clericis: iuxta Canonem 19 CIC, cras addi possunt (ut videtur) orationibus Missae diei sub una conclusione orationes Missae In Anniversario Electionis et Consecrationis Episcopi. Fortasse verba quem pastorem ecclesiae N praeesse voluisti aptari possunt per verba quem pastorem Ordinariatui Beatae Mariae de Walsingham praeesse voluisti.


motuproprio said...

From the Complementary Norms for the Apostolic Constitution 'Anglicanorum coetibus' issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

"A former Anglican Bishop who belongs to the Ordinariate and who has not been ordained as a bishop in the Catholic Church, may request permission from the Holy See to use the insignia of the episcopal office."

vetusta ecclesia said...

In ref. motuproprio - so it is not just the Ordinary who may pontificate but any Ordinariate member who fulfils these conditions. Are there any who so do?

I recently had sight of a c16 Papal Bull suppressing an abbey near Treviso and replacing it with a college. The Provost thereof was given the right to full pontifical celebration whenever and wherever he wished.

Tom Broughton said...

Just when I thought you were going to lay off of the Latin, you got heavy on me with a ton of Latin. :) Thank God for Google Translate.

Mgr Andrew Wadsworth said...

As to the use of pontificalia, I think we might presume that an Ordinary who is not a bishop is equivalent in law to a bishop and therefore enjoys the use of pontificalia. This is the case with abbots and prefects apostolic.

Unknown said...

Msgr. Robert Mercer CR would therefore seem to qualify for wearing pontificals. Does he?

Matthew Roth said...

For the Ordinariate in the USA that will all change come 2 February anyways.

JKH said...

A private prayer which some may find useful;

Almighty God; be pleased to bless KEITH our Ordinary and to endow him with every gift needful for his ministry. May he serve the Church faithfully, lead this Ordinariate wisely, and finally be admitted to thy heavenly kingdom to praise thee eternally. Through OLJCTS Amen

Donna Bethell said...

A cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, even though not a bishop, celebrates according to pontifical ceremony and wears a miter. Dear Avery Cardinal Dulles commented on this when he celebrated Holy Mass in the crypt of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception here in Washington. I remember him giving the final blessing, wearing his miter and looking thoroughly bemused.

Steve Cavanaugh said...

"For the Ordinariate in the USA that will all change come 2 February anyways."

Not necessarily. While Msgr. Lopes will certainly wear pontificals, there would be nothing to prevent Msgr Steenson from doing the same, should he be asked to assist in receiving new members of the church and confirming them. Msgr. Steenson occasionally requested Fr. Scott Hurd to do this when his own heavy travel schedule prevented him being at a parish. As the Ordinariate continues to grow and add communities, this same problem could arise and Msgr Steenson could fill the same role that retired bishops often do in Roman Rite parishes as a deputy of the Ordinary.

David Murphy said...

I have seen a photograph of Mgr. John Broadhurst receiving new Ordinariate members and wearing a mitre.

I believe that both statements are true:

- The Ordinary wno is not a bishop may, because he has been delegated the power of a diocesan bishop, wear pontificals and celebrate a Pontifical Mass, just like an Abbot Nillius or a Prefect Apostolic

- A former Anglican bishop may, according to Anglicanorum coetibus, apply for permission to wear pontificals