6 March 2015

The Joseph Goebbels Award

UPDATE: Father Zed's graphic account of the attacks upon Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco illustrates the determination of an educational, social, and legal establishment to preserve its right to groom children to participate in the Pornosphere.
Apparently, there are Primary Schools where a (private) programme called CHIPS is in use. Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools uses brilliant methods to get its message across. It retells the story of Noah's Ark in terms of fictional animals which are left behind because they are "different". Eight and nine year old children are made to "create a wedding scene with two princes in the front getting married". Six and seven year olds design a dress for a "Princess boy". "What do we think in our school about gay people getting married (we say it's OK!)." The plight of a transgender six year old in Colorado is to be discussed in class.

The government has issued new standards requiring that even free schools "actively promote" equality of sexual orientation as specified in the 2010 Equality Act. And schools will be expected to "challenge" parents who disagree. How very much like the Russia of dear Marshal Stalin, our popular wartime ally! We can envisage a future in which both Jack and Jill will be encouraged to report their parents to the Commissar if they overhear them uttering Speech Crimes!

This is all absolutely superb. Just think how totally brilliant it is. You might have supposed that children would have to be of an age to know what Sex is before they were taught to welcome Sexual Perversion. But No!!! Even before they know about penises and vaginas and their inherent functional complementarity, you can start preparing the ground for indoctrination about the desirability of making other, much more creative, uses of those organs! Get Perversion into the infant mind even before it understands Normality! It's like using well-constructed educational courses about the simple wholesome pleasures of Embezzlement on children who have not yet been taught about Money! That distinguished member of the Lowerarchy, Mr Undersecretary Screwtape, has lost nothing of his inventive and imaginative brilliance!

I think it is clearly necessary to create, at the heart of our British honours system, a suitable recognition for those whose contribution to corrupting public perceptions and, particularly, to indoctrinating the very young (through their imaginations) so as to embrace the normality of perversion, has been particularly noteworthy. The obvious choice here of a role-model is that towering figure, Joseph Goebbels. I know what you're going to say: we can't make role-model of someone who laboured with such success to convince the population of an entire nation that Jews were proper objects of hatred. I agree. And I know that Enthusiastic Hatred of Judaism and Enthusiastic Acceptance of Sexual Perversion are not in any way parallel evils (a very clear difference is that the latter, happily, does not embrace the taking of human life). But what both of these causes do have in common is the poisoning of the mass imagination, the use of sophisticated propaganda to pollute the common culture, and awareness of the need to begin this process as early as possible by planting Evil in the hearts of the very young. And in all this, Goebbels was a superb, a consummate practitioner. We shall not see his like again; but we should not, for that reason, ignore what our age can learn, not from his own particular abhorrent ideology, but from his general working methodology. After all, anti-Christian ideologies come and go, and good riddance to them once they're gone, and Nazism is, most fortunately, not the dominant ideology of our age; but the existence of perverted anti-Christian ideologies, differing from generation to generation, but always needing to be promoted, is a given.

We could have an Order of Joseph Goebbels (OJG), in which there could be the rank of Member (MJG), Companion (CJG), Knight Commander (or Dame: KCJG or DCJG), and Knight (Dames too, of course) Grand Cross of Joseph Goebbels (GCJG). Knights and Dames Grand Cross could have a pink sash to wear and, on great occasions, a pink cloak. The Church of England could provide, perhaps in Southwark Cathedral where Dean Colin Slee toiled so devotedly, a Chapel for the Order where the GCJGs could hang their banners and have their Plates on their Stalls. Processions of the GCJGs could be integrated into Pride Week, participation in which will very soon be compulsory for all Government Employees. A popular musician who has always promoted Orientation Equality could be rewarded for his life's work by being made Sovereign of the Order. The Prelate of the Order, in these ecumenical days, should not be required to be an Anglican Bishop.

Talking about the Government reminds me: we clearly need a dedicated Ministry to coordinate the indoctrination of the populace and to disseminate information about Worst Practice. I suggest the resurrection of the Ministry of Instruction and Morale, for which that great public servant Helen, Duchess of Denver, worked during the last War. It should be given the largely redundant Treasury Building as a marker of its national importance. A statue of Goebbels should grace the central atrium, a copy perhaps of the one which must be erected on the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square.
Information from the Autumn 2014 Bulletin of SPUC Safe at School. Yes, you're quite right, today's is an abrasive post, with its talk about 'perversion'; not at all in my usual emollient style. It has always been my desire to avoid any slightest risk of hurt to friends who have a homosexual inclination. But I would never use the term 'pervert' to apply to chaste, celibate homosexuals, because in my view someone (of whatever orientation) who lives, despite the pressures of our culture, a chaste and celibate life, is a distinctly nobler person than comfortable happily married heterosexuals like me. And I even feel more sympathy for genitally active homosexuals than for heterosexual fornicators and adulterers, since the latter, unlike the former, have been given by Providence an Estate in which those that have not the gift of continence might marry, and keep themselves undefiled members of Christ's Body.

So why the change of style? Since the murder of the Paris Blasphemers, we have been so lectured by the Camerons and Hollandes and Obamas about tolerance (tolerance even of the grossest sacrileges and insults), that it seems to me that a 'rougher' style cannot possibly be the object of any criticism. Frankness, free speech, that is, Parrhesia, even if it hurts, is officially ring-fenced. Isn't it? And now dear Stephen Fry has led the way in demonstrating the excellence of unrestrained Frankness. Ole, or whatever the word is!


Josephus Muris Saliensis said...

Good for you Father. Is there to be no end of the evil and corruption meted out by those whose principal role is to protect?

Salvum fac populum tuum, Domine, et benedic hereditati tuæ.

Catherina of Siena said...

Thank you Fr Hunwicke.

Fr Ray Blake said...

There would have to be more than Knights and Dames, at least 'Trans' and 'Cis' Knights and Dames, if not the whole scree of letters that now identify what we used to once naively identify as 'men and women'.

B flat said...

Father, I am glad your report of this is abrasive rather than emollient.
All my feeble attempts at dispassion evaporate in flaming anger on this question of "sex education" for young children. Another rather positive word has been hijacked to describe this besmirching of innocent minds and disabling of conscience: grooming. How is a teacher conducting this sort of lesson, not grooming a child for later sexual gratification? That the teacher has no personal desire to debauch the child physically, is neither provable nor relevant. But parents, who want to protect their child from this defilement are "to be challenged by the school"? This is an assault on the parental right to raise the child according to their beliefs and values, rather than being seen as agents of the State.
If I am right, this Chips programme is seduction of an under-age child to acceptance of immorality. Is the force of criminal law now applied selectively regarding active paedophilia? By what statute does it protect the perverts in Education against the parents who might not consent to their children being used for social engineering, at the cost of the chid's psychological health and personal integrity?

This society is ruled by madmen.

Hrodgar said...

In practice, it seems to me that proponents of Enthusiastic Acceptance of Sexual Perversion often DO embrace the taking of human life, provided only it can accurately be called infanticide.

FrereRabit said...

As a teacher of sixth form Geography beginning a unit on Globalisation, I was unsurprised to find that none of my students had ever heard of Adam Smith. So back to basics for three lessons. We educate children to understand absurd minority perversions while the curriculum has no time to explain to them the basic economic system under which we live. The society that creates such a mad contradiction deserves to perish.

retrochbabe said...

Disgusting homophobic rant How was this man allowed to become a catholic priest ?

Deacon Augustine said...

If this is how sick and perverted our society has become, no wonder young muslims go off to join IS.

Scelata said...

Perhaps another new program is in order - CHiPS: Challenging HEMOphobia in Primary Schools.
Children could be indoctri--, rather, taught tolerance of vampires.
Stamp out Ham-aphobia,irational aversion to kosher laws.
Or Hummerphobia, fear of enormous utility vehicles.
I believe there are more of those menances on the street than there are people who are mistaken about their own gender.
(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Eccles said...

Excellent piece. As dear Mrs retrochbabe is aware, Christ and the apostles, including St Paul, would have said exactly the same.

Unknown said...

Hrodgar said...

"In practice, it seems to me that proponents of Enthusiastic Acceptance of Sexual Perversion often DO embrace the taking of human life, provided only it can accurately be called infanticide."

I believe what they are doing now may accurately be defined as child menticide - under threat of government reprisal; which, if we think about it, is precisely the hideous beast which the separation of Church and of State is supposed to prevent. But when corrupt individuals with compromised morals and a personal agenda get into positions of power . . .

Even before it becomes an issue of morals and religion, it is an issue of parents' rights as first educators of their own children. Here, today, society labels any parent who would dare assert their authority as to whether their child should be raised and educated in a wholesome environment, as "intolerant" (. . . yeah right !)

The more vocal parents have been trying to point out to the government that what they are in fact doing, is tantamount to grooming their children - to be available for sex at an earlier age ; thus rendering them more accessible to predators.

It's worth at look at Campaign Life Coalition's facts sheet regarding the Ontario government's agenda and the actual background of those in power who are pushing the new sex-ed curriculum (right down parents' throats). Have a peek at their page HERE and get an idea of precisely "who" is influencing the push - most unsettling from a parent's perspective.

Mark said...

A brave and brilliant post.

And, yes, the eagerness of those who wish, nay, demand sex (perversion) education in elementary schools is suspicious to say the least.

epsilon said...

Hear! hear!

Anonymous said...

This programme is gravely evil, and a most egregious abuse of vulnerable children's minds. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

Pétrus said...

Excellent post Father!

Liam Ronan said...

Dear Father,

You said:

"And I even feel more sympathy for genitally active homosexuals than for heterosexual fornicators and adulterers, since the latter, unlike the former, have been given by Providence an Estate in which those that have not the gift of continence might marry, and keep themselves undefiled members of Christ's Body."

I should only interject that sodomy is listed a one of the specific 'sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance' in the Bible whereas neither adultery or fornication are against nature.