17 March 2015

Ordinariate in Ireland?

I have heard over the last two or three years whispers of interest in the Ordinariate idea, and I believe there are, or were, a couple of TAC groups in Ireland. Does anyone have any information?


Anonymous said...

Regarding the TAC in Ireland, in 2009 I wrote to the priest of St John's in Newtownards County Down (one of five or six Irish TAC churches) about the Ordinariate, because I lived locally at the time. He replied that they wouldn't be joining with the TAC because their objections to Anglicanism were that it was not Reformed enough, rather than not Catholic enough. Maybe the TAC groups south of the border have a different theology, but I would be surprised if it were so.

William Tighe said...

My memory has to fetch back some 4 or 5 years, but I think that the two or three TAC congregations in Ireland were very 39 Articles-ish Protestant, and that they rejected the overtures to Rome made by the TAC bishops in 2007.

I have privately sent some links relating to these matters.

G said...

There was a flurry in the press when Ang. coet. was first announced at the prospect of "CoI parishes" becoming RC. They then had to backpedal once the Traditional Rite made it emphatically clear that 1) they were not affiliated with the C of I as such and 2) they were not on board with the course their TAC confreres had committed to at Portsmouth. They may be Traditional Anglicans but as Timothy notes above me they are Traditional Irish Anglicans.

Damian Shorten said...

Sounds very interesting (to me at least, having grown up in the Church of Ireland), especially given their links with the TAC.

Timothy, who was the priest who you were in contact with (in Newtownards), and did he tell you anything else of interest (especially regarding the Traditional Rite's 'Reformed' identity)?

William, I wonder would you also be able to privately send me some of those links you mention? Let me know if that would be alright and I'll give you my email address. Thanks.