20 December 2014


I have added an UPDATE to this post, because there seem to be some worriers. Don't worry. You are NOT obliged to abstain on December 26.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Father! As they say, at least that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. But it’s strange how in matters like these, it’s difficult to get concrete answers and you can end up googling your concerns in vain. The diocesan website is usually silent and you often end up making a personal judgment as to whether a given person’s opinion is credible. I mean, I naturally believe your opinion in such a matter more than I would that of my PP. I asked him recently if I could communicate at the Vigil after doing so on Saturday morning. He looked at me incredulously and basically said: yes, it’s a different Mass, derr…?! Hope he was right – but I guess I’m covered as I had asked the question of my pastor and would have abided by his decision, whatever it was.

vetusta ecclesia said...

One priest of my acquaintance thinks it uncharitable to accept an dinner invitation on a Friday and then tell the hostess what to serve; another, in the same parish, thinks one should eschew what is presented and "just eat the vegetables"!