29 December 2014

A Good Christmas for principled leadership

Our beloved Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has put out an absolutely superb, first-rate, nuclear-dimensions, demolition of the Kill-the-Wrinklies bill currently before their Lordships' House;

Our beloved Holy Father has spoken of "infants killed in the womb, deprived of that generous love of their parents and then buried in the egoism of a culture that does not love life";

and the Sovereign Pontiff has also, after mentioning the Jewish couple Simeon and Anna, spoken of Jesus as "salvation for every person and for every people", thus not excluding the Jewish people from the Salvation brought by and through and in the Jew Jesus Christ and Him alone (as so many anti-semites do).

Let's not go into the 'stands' being taken by the dreary has-beens of History, the Careys, the Tutus, the whatevers. This should be a day of celebration.

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