14 June 2014

More Apologies

I've been away, paying another visit to that wonderful place, the Church and Academy of our Lady of the Atonement at San Antonio within the Lone Star State. I was actually let loose on the graduation class at their Commencement ... what very agreeable young people; able, lively, hardworking and naturally devout ... and upon those graduating into the Upper School. And I preached at the Whit Sunday Masses and talked to a group about how 'We' as Catholic Anglicans came to exist. The Atonement must be just about the most spectacular example of the Anglican Patrimony making good, really spectacularly good, anywhere in the world ... I'm surprised it doesn't get more talked about. You'd think there would be hordes of people going there to find out what Fr Phillips' trick is (Answer: fervent and efficient orthodoxy, stunningly reverent liturgical orthopraxy, combined the the New Evangelisation opportunities of having a successful and vibrant school).

Why apologies? Because I got home tired from the flight to find some two hundred emails and blog comments; and I know I'm not going to be able to read and respond to each of them as they deserve. In place of decent replies I offer the lean fare of  heart-felt contrition.


Jason W. said...


We really enjoyed having you with us. I am hopeful that your trip back was smooth and without event.

God bless,

Matthew M said...

Watched your Homily given at OLA San Antonio. Father Christopher Phillips posted on his blog. Very inspiring to me at least. Thank you. Always wondered what you sounded like and now I know.
If you fever tire of wet Olde England I'm sure you would new welcome in the great Republic of Texas.