13 June 2014

Dr Dawkins

I have just read somewhere that Dr Dawkins of this University has announced that he has a 'nostalgia' for Christianity and that he is a 'secular Christian'.

One could write reams on each word of that. I will merely share my own suspicion: that Our Richard is changing his public image in a bid to become a National Treasure and one of the Great and the Good ... the sort of bloke/blokess who is given a knighthood/damehood, if not the Order of Merit. God bless the silly opinionated old fool.

Not long ago, some gang of secularists wrote to the Press about one of their standard preoccupations ... I forget which one ... who cares ... but without Dawkins' signature. Interesting. Either he didn't sign because he is softening his image; or they didn't ask him to because they wanted to be taken seriously.

Either way, diverting, don't you think?


duhem said...

Is Dawkin's comment what we in America would call "lipstick on a pig"? (To parrot our renowned lady conservative.)

Childermass said...

Perhaps Dawkins is sitting in Oxford, surrounded by the dreaming spires of churches and the sound of singing choirs; imagines Oxford with all the spires demolished and the choirs hushed, or the spires replaced by minarets and the choirs drowned out by the blaring of Islamic calls to prayer; and at last realises a distinction, deciding that, after all, he would prefer to live in an environment with at least the vestiges of Christianity. Now if he can only convince his friends in the Guardian set of the same!