11 February 2011

BMV de Lapurdo

A greeting to all fellow have-been-pilgrims-to-Lourdes who read this; especially to those who were at the last great Anglican pilgrimage there; with Archbishop Rowan preaching at Cardinal Kasper's Mass; the Gospel proclaimed by an Anglican deacon ... perhaps that event, in 2008, was the last occasion when it was possible to indulge oneself illusions ... fantasies? ... about the then ecumenical scene ... as the archiepiscopal arms, pallium and all, flew over the concourse and international pilgrims flocked to communion at the Anglican Masses and the Successor of S Augustine prostrated himself on the rock below the image.

Happy days, thirty long months ago. But somehow I know that, through the intercessions of the great Mother of God Mary most holy, even more glorious days now lie ahead.


Fr John Hunwicke said...

I may delete comments which seem to me not in quite the right spirit.

Gerald said...

Hello Father,

It was a nice image, but an image nonetheless. ++Rowan does not share the Catholic faith that you profess. It was a pleasant gesture. And you are right that more glorious things are to come---real unity, not just pleasant gestures.