1 November 2010


The news that 37 Christians have killed in church in Baghdad is way down the news items here in Blighty. Had they been Jews in a synagogue in, ex. gr., New York, the level of outrage and publicity would, I suspect, have been closer to what such an atrocity merits.

Not surprising that Al Qaeda should take them hostage. Not surprising that the Shiite gangsters whom Uncle Sam left in control as "Security forces" in Iraq should be indifferent to whether they lived or died.

I wonder what chance Tariq Aziz stands in the "Appeals Process" in the "Courts" which the Yankee puppets operate in Iraq.

What a tragedy that we too got involved in that disastrous and immoral adventure. Nobody can say that John Paul II failed to warn precisely what would happen.


Anonymous said...

Spot on observations, Father. May we all some day be worthy of a martyrs palm as these were.

Walter said...

In Canada here, same situation with the news media.

I caught some news in the early morning, late afternoon and late evening. Strangely the socialist-government-supported-anti/christian-pro-LGTB-abortionist-Islam/loving (may I add: pagan promoting) CBC network mentioned it, but only in the morning news. It was dropped for the rest of the day...

I never heard it mentioned on the 'all-news' radio stations here at all.

It was never mentioned in any U.S. TV news that I saw.

And the International BBC mentioned it briefly, but only in the morning.

Yet the BBC and CBC had 'in-depth' reports on the aeroplane bomb threats and, come to think of it, so did CNN.

There have been many attacks and murders on Christians in Iraq. It is a series of our own 'Kristal Nachten' ...

Dale said...

I would venture to say that the persecutions of Christians in the Middle East far out-dates Yankee puppet governments.