30 November 2010


I notice that whenever (ex.gr.) NLM gives a photogaph of a Missal, it always seems to be pre-1962. I have myself never, I believe, actually seen a Missal or Breviary from the 1960s 'reform'. Is there anywhere on-line that I can browse them in their entirety?


Andrew Malton said...


Don't know about Breviary.

AHJ said...


the 1963 Collegeville(Liturgical Press) Hours of the Divine Office in Latin and English is considered to be a "1962" breviary, as is the 1964 Benziger Brothers Roman Breviary, although the latter is in English only.

As to accessing the breviary texts online, I believe that the "Rubrics 1960" and/or "1960 new calendar" options at this remarkable site shoud be of help: http://divinumofficium.com/cgi-bin/horas/officium.pl

Gregor said...

Of course, there is always the excellent nova & vetera Breviary, which the Holy Father also has: http://www.breviariumromanum.com/responses.html

Rubricarius said...

What is interesting is that some modern re-prints of the 1962 missal use the format of pre-1962 editions.

The instructions to the printers required the 1962 MR to have the temporal cycle preceding the 'canon pages' and the sanctoral afterwards. In the traditional arrangement the 'canon pages' were preceded by Holy Saturday and Easter follwed them.

A friend once quipppd 'It all hinges on Holy Saturday.'