24 July 2010

Consortes regno

This phrase occurs in the new Novus Collect for today, in honour of S Sharbel Makhluf. I see examples of consors with an ablative (or even a dative) in OLD, but my instinct is that these are abnormal in comparison with consors with a genitive (as in divinitatis eius esse consortes). Do those qualified to have a view, have a view?


Patruus said...

Well, there's no lack of genitive examples in L&S (II.A.a) -

Also, concerning the meaning and derivation of "consors", Fr Zed has a short note, plus another genitive example - http://bit.ly/at5Kwi

Mall said...

divinitatis... Dear father, as you mention the phrase, what think you of the change from esse to fieri in that prayer? Was it mere grammatical tinkering, or is theology involved?