18 July 2010

Cheese, newspapers, and shirts: three queries

I would love to be able to say, that, as my reaction to the cynical and unpleasant violence, the Teutonic barbarism, of the Dutch footie team in the Final of the World Cup, I had given up Dutch wine. But I never have been quite able to afford those superb Shirazes and Viogniers that grow on the sun-drenched foothills of the Orange Alps. So no grand gesture possible there. But, shopping for cheese, I was able to pass by the shelf of Dutch cheeses where previously I might have delved. Instead, I bought a couple of Spanish cheeses; one has to have principles. But I don't know much about Spanish cheese: can some knowledgeable person give me some advice? - I would describe myself as a Hard Cheese Man with a preference for strong tastes.

My second problem: passing through Victoria the other day, I went in search of the newspaper stall just outside the station where, on Thursdays and Fridays, one could buy Irish local newspapers. One of life's most satisfying minor pleasures is reading the news from the local courts in a paper like The Kerryman (Southern Edition). But the stall is no longer there. Does anyone know a convenient place in central London where this harmless vice can still be indulged?

Finally: I find that clerical shirts have black collarbandss which tend to fray ... perhaps it's something to do with my beard ... And when they do, invariably the stiffener inside the the collarband turns out be be of the purest and most gleaming white; just as if the maker is anxious that the slightest wear should be manifest at the earliest possible opportunity. Does anybody know of clerical shirts less absurdly made?


Martin said...

You could read it online!

Little Black Sambo said...

Cheese: try Manchego (sp?). It is delicious, and, I think, Spanish.

Anonymous said...

I suggest getting an iPhone then you can read any paper, any where, any time.

Father, you must be wearing a tab clerical? If so, why not go back to (I presume you used to wear) the banded shirt with the stiffly starched cotton dog collar?

Anonymous said...

Yes, manchego, definitely! The cheese of Don Quixote- to whom (if I may say so) you have a passing resemblance, Father!

johnf said...

I had the same thought father. Manchegan cheese as eaten by Monsignor Quixote in the great Graham Greene novel. Recall he also needed 3 bottles of manchegan red to explain the Trinity to Sancho.

Peregrinus said...

Sorry I can't help in the Spanish cheese department - too transatlantic for us colonials.

But though we never have a chance at the World Cup Canadians do have some excellent cheeses - you would like the Oka cheeses made by the Trappists, Father. They are from Quebec which still has many devout Catholics (and soccer fans) but none of the nasty Orangism once associated with Toronto where we live in quixotic exile awaiting the Ordinariate.

John Whitehead said...

Manchego definitely - go to the Cheese stall in the Covered Market here in Oxford - whatsoever cheese they do not have clearly is not worth eating.

Ignatius said...

I would strongly suggest a return to tunic shirt, detachable (preferably starched, but Watts sell convincing plastic ones) collar and clerical stock. It surprises me that you don'y alreadt Father!

You could also try the 'tonsure style.' There's a place in Oxford which sells them quite reasonably but I'm sure other clerical tailors would as well.


Looks a bit better to the tab as well :-p

Fr Tom Mendel said...

Ewe can't go wrong with Manchego.
For a cow-cheese - and one with imperial connections - you could also try (cured) Mahon from Minorca. (Waitrose sell it, so it's not unobtainable)