5 March 2010


Had better dash to the airport and mug up on all the advice I have been given on how to mislead Yankie immigration officials. Before I go: back to those Cluniac hymns for Christ the Priest. It's probably a waste of time (I expect they'll just universalise the Spanish propers), but there may just be a chance of persuading the CDW to consider those French Cluniac hymns from the seventeeth century which some of you so cleverly suggested and then dug up. Especially if CDW are told how dear they are to Anglicans. Could those of you more IT savvy than I am belabour the relevant authorities with appropriate information and advice?

It would be fun to have pulled this off.


Adam said...


In what part or parts of our fine nation will you manifest yourself?

William Tighe said...

The Lone Star State, I believe.

Michael McDonough said...

Well, if it is Texas, Fr. H, enjoy the outdoor cooking!

As to my giving advice to the appropriate authorities.... well, even my very own children don't pay me no mind!

Walter said...

Hi Father, I hope you don't suffer too badly from the jet lag or you'll probably be waking up in the middle of 'our night'. Welcome to the New World, where ever you find yourself. Please update us on your adventures.

I have been 'isolating' the propers from the Corpus Christi Octave from the St Mauri Congretation/Breviary and believe it to be safe&sound to send as a Word doc if you'd like to give me an email address.

Please pardon me for ignorance on what the CDW is, as I'm not 'current' on any of these things.

If 'Chris' reads this update, please accept my regrets from repeating the contents of his own post concerning the English translation of 'Hoste dum victo...' It was so nice to see someone else in the world had Pocknee's book !!!

Vincent de Paul said...

And another has Pocknee's book! Boston UK.

Chris said...

Quite all right, and thankyou for the companion hymn.

Incidentally, if anyone wanted to use both the Caswall translations in one service, as tunes in that metre aren't particularly common, here's an extra one: https://acrobat.com/#d=lFVjUfjlQNOUKlCGv8U0yA

Walter said...

A quick thank you to Vinc(dePaul) & Chris.

If Fr. is in Texas, I hope he's in San Antonio to see the RC/Anglican Use parishes.