28 March 2010

Anglicanorum Coetibus

An idea occurs to me. Would it not be a useful for our bishops, perhaps after the July General Synod, to set up a 'provisional' Ordinariate Council, not to attempt to force Rome's hand, but to show that they have clergy who mean business and that they are consulting?


Doodler said...

Father, I presume you mean a council of those bishops who may be favourable towards an Ordinariate? Not only would it show the RC Church that we are serious in our intentions but would also give a focus for those of us who are beginning to wonder when the next stage will be announced!
I can't see the House of Bishops as a whole being much in favour!

Little Black Sambo said...

Our bishops, indeed.

Edwin said...

I think maybe our bishops have something like this in hand ... but being retired, I do not know much, you understand. +E