10 September 2009

Local Sanctity

Mass this morning of Blessed Agnellus of Pisa, an associate of S Francis who came to Oxford to found our first Greyfriars. He must have been here while S Thomas's was being, or had just been, built; he founded the Franciscan Studium in Oxford and until the Dissolution his shrine was in the Greyfriars' Church. So perhaps his remains are somewhere underneath Sainsbury's, a few hundred yards from S Thomas's.

In the last year, the new Oxford Greyfriars has closed, due to the lack of sympathy on the part of a secularised University and a lack of Gumption on the part of the English Roman Catholic Church.


Anonymous said...

What they needed was a Br. Adam and an apiary!

Finbar said...

This is quite wrong. The Capuchin Franciscan ministry in Oxford is alive and well and expanding. All that happened last year was that the Hall closed as it had ceased to be required for its original purpose.