21 September 2009

English Missal

I am doing a bit of research on the genesis and early history of The English Missal Missale Anglicanum. I have been unable to detect a copy of the First Edition, said by Google to be 1910, in Bodley (which suggests that the Anglo-Catholic publishing firm of Knotts failed to send the statutory copies of its productions into the copyright libraries). Or indeed anywhere else in Oxford. But I'm not very good on computers; if anyone can detect a copy any Oxford library or church, I'd be grateful for the help. Or if anyone is aware of research already in the public domain on this subject.

I'm sure someone out there must possess as First Edition; if so, and if you're not in Oxford, it would be kind if you would send me your email address so that I can ask you some questions about it.


Geoffrey said...

I have what I believe to be the first edition of 1912. It appears a strange composite work in that the Propers, (but not the Ordinary)seem more Sarum ( I suppose) than Roman. The Canon of the Mass is not provided,wheras eventually the Altar Missal had it in both english and Latin.I should be able to say more tomorrow once I have had the chance to look at it and make comparisions. I was always puzzled by the many small verbal differences between the Altar and People's versions and successive editions.

Unknown said...

The British Library integrated catalogue(on-line)lists only the 1923, 1933 and 1943 editions. (You need to search under "W Knott" to find all three. If you search under "English Missal" you only get the 1943 edition listed.

Although not directly related to the topic of Missals, I am oding similar research into Anglo Catholic hymnnody and, hopfully, the next edition of New Directios shouild have a letter from me on the subject. Hopefully anyone with similar interest or knowledge will read it and respond!

John F H H said...

Sadly, I have only the 2nd., 3rd & 5th editions.
I see from Google that one went for £12 at a Sheffield auction last year - 758
Missale Anglicanum - The English Missal Knott 1912. Folio 329 (cxviii)pp maroon morocco blindstamped border to covers gilt spine gilt edges gilt veneered Spanish marble endpapers. The Holy Bible. OUP 1866 original blindstamped covers rebound with later calf spine new endpapers/ (2) [Estimate]£30-40
Someone got a bargain!

The Bodleian is not alone in its paucity of Anglican Altar Missals:
the British Library online catalogue
Liturgies.Church of England. Adaptations of Latin Liturgical Books
as the search term on the quick search page and use Any word and 'Yes' button for Exact phrase?
returns just 152 results, mainly breviaries.

Perhaps Pusey House Library would have a copy?

Ther is a long discussion on the Ship of Fools site at
(which mentions St.Thomas's!), including this from Ceremoniar [could this be Geoffrey?]
The first edition of the English Missal was published in 1912 (I have an altar edition of that version) and it is very restrained in its features. Other than the subtitle Missale Anglicanum , no Latin appears in it at all, nor does it contain the Roman Canon--those bits began to be included in the 1920s, when any original shock had susbsided, and the Anglo-Catholic Congresses were providing abundant cover for ritualists of every stripe. A number of editions appeared until 1958; that edition incorporated the Holy Week revisions made by Pius XII in 1955. None that included the 1960 rubrics or 1962 edition of the Roman missal were made.

1912 seems to be the accepted date for the 1st.edn.

If of interest [let me know and will furnish a list], I have a number of the early Anglican altar books produced from the 1860s onwards, including the Swahili Altar Missal [which the Brirish Library does have!] and
The Ordinary, Canon & Proper of the Mass for the Dead together with the Absolutions, and other prayers for the Faithful Departed, printed [by Knott] for private circulation in 1898. It has an interesting marrying of BCP & the Missale:
Lord's Prayer
Collect for Purity
X Commandments
Prayer for Queen
9 fold Kyrie
Epistle [BCP announcement]Response to Here Endeth the Epistle 'Thanks be to God'
Gospel with full responses
Offertory verse & Prayer
Offertory sentence
Receive O Lord ...[Pray brethren..
Church Militant
Confession, absolution, comortable words
Preface, Sanctus, Humble Access
Roman Canon in English as far as that it may become for us the Body and Blood of thy dearly-beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord.
1662 Prayer of Consecration
Roman Canon in English resumes,
Sung Lord's Prayer with Deliver us and Doxology
Lamb of God
Priest's Communion with Roman prayers
Behold the Lamb of God, etc.
Post Communion Prayer
Lord's Prayer
Prayer of Thanksgiving
May they rest in peace.
O Holy Trinity...

Last Gospel
The translation [ Thee therefore.... thy servant our Pontiff. rather than Chief Bishop or Primate] is not that of the English Missal, Orby Shipley, Medd, or Rivington's "Committee of Priests"

John UK

Anonymous said...

Though I have not read it, I have been told that "Anglican Papalism" by Michael Yelton pub. 2008, Canterbury Press gives a history of the English Missal.

Father Jones said...

The proto version of all later 'English/Anglican' Missal was Shipley's Ritual of the Altar, published by Longmans in 1870, I am not sure if the propers are Sarum or Latin missal, but it does have the Canon in Latin and English. We have at S. Peter's London Docks a well used altar copy, repairs indicate the Canon was the daily norm, a note in the front indicates that it is the book from which Fr. L S Wainright SSC sang the funeral Mass of Fr. C F Lowder SSC

Little Black Sambo said...

I have an edition of 1912. You know where I live.

John Chamberlin said...

Have you thought of contacting Fr. Young at Holy Trinity, Hoxton? I believe that he has all Fr Kenrick's notes used in preparing the English Missal.

Fr Anthony Howe said...

Father, I trust you are aware of the Alcuin Booklet by Fr Mark Dalby 'Anglican Missals and their Canons' Grove 1998. This places the first edition of the Missale Anglicanum to 1912. I also notice that the date of the first edition in the Wikipedia article has been altered from 1910 to 1912.