30 July 2009


"St?" Alfred the Great has been raised in the comments attached to a recent post. Some time ago I did devote a post to the oddity that the RC Bishop of Northampton includes King Alfred as a Saint in his diocesan ORDO. Does the Northampton Liturgy Office know something that the rest of us don't? I think we should be told. Why not shower them with letters asking?

I don't know whether there are folks out there with spare capacity for prayers, Masses, application of indulgences, for the recently departed. Perhaps there are, especially among the retired and also among those who would otherwise spend too long on the blogosphere. So ...

Michael Melrose, priest, Vicar of S Giles, Reading (and thus a direct successor of Blessed John Eynon, OSB and sometime Vicar of S Giles's, martyred in 1539).
Johnnie Reidy, grocer, of Knightstown on Valentia Island in County Kerry.

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