24 July 2009

Uncritical - moi?

Friends tell me that a Representative of the Continuum - whatever that is - has left a comment somewhere on my blog accusing me of being an 'uncritical' papalist - whether that means Uncritical of the RC Church in general or of this Pontiff in particular, I'm uncertain. I am shattered. I would have thought that anybody who had ever read any of my blog would be aware that I am extremely critical of about two thirds of what has happened in the RC Church since the Council - particularly in liturgical matters - and even more shrill about the conceptual underpinnings of those changes: the idea that an omnipotent papacy possesses uncircumscribed power and a competence to debauch the Tradition at will: a papacy maximalised beyond even the wildest dreams of Manning and Ward and the ultramontane faction at Vatican I.

I would have difficulty denying that I am much happier about the current regime ... the Benedict-and-Newman era ... making me in a sense a Man of this Moment ... but that is simply because in the last five years Senior Management in the RC Church has moved decisively in a Hunwickewards direction.

My only sense of guilt lies in my awareness that my prayers have finally been answered.


Unknown said...

Oi! Opposing tyrannical papal maximalism is not being critical of the RC. I'm a Roman (a pretty hard line one too) and I certainly share your horror of papal tyranny. Indeed, most intelligent, traditional Catholics share your views (of course, there are a great many unintelligent one's I grant).

Anonymous said...

Zut alor! There's a gaggle of uncritical Papalists at "Rorate Caeli" and "NLM." Sacre merde!

Warwickensis said...

Dear Fr Hunwicke,

may I just say how much I enjoy reading your posts. I certainly find myself in the same camp as yourself with regards to England and the Papacy.

I have also been an avid reader (indeed a very occasional contributer) to the Continuum Blog and know one of the moderators there rather well.

I understand that you are getting upset with some of the posts by Fr Hart.

Yes, I find some of his statements quite offensive at times. But then you have to understand that he is trying to defend his branch of Prayer-Book Catholicism and Anglicanism as a Catholic entity independent of Rome. I cannot share that view at all, but I have learned that polemicists from both sides of the debate are using your name to attack his stance and his name to attack your stance and Roman Polemicists attacking both of you simultaneously, to which Rev'd up alludes. This is appalling since there is much upon which you and Fr Hart would agree and indeed would produce some very sound and exciting Anglican theology. I hope and pray that the bitterness that seems to infect some folk would be alleviated.

May I cordially invite you to check out a post on my blog which I posted to try and pour oil on troubled water.

Again my thanks and prayers for you.

In the hearts of Our Lord and Lady.

Jonathan Munn