10 July 2009

Annus Sacerdotalis

It infuriates me ... significant Roman decisions about the calendar are always made well after my ORDO has been printed. Things like the Year of Paul - and now the Year of the Priest.

Had I known about it, I would have made provision. Here is the information I would have given!

Just as there is a custom of saying a Votive of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the first Friday, and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the first Saturday, of each month (see page 42 of the 2009 ORDO and page 38 of the 2010), as long as there is no solemnity or festum, except during Lent, so the Tradition offers the old custom of saying a votive of our Lord Jesus Christ, High and Everlasting Priest, on the first Thursday of each month. This observance, as well as being inherently edifying, seems particularly appropriate in this Year of thePriest.

This votive may be inaccessible to many, since it is not in the first editions of the post-Conciliar Missal, and the Third Edition (which does contain it) is still not published in the new translation which bishop Donald "Ineffable" Trautmannnn is obstructing in America. There is, however, the older votive text in the English Missal.

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William said...

For those who do not possess the Third Edition, the Latin propers can be found here.