20 May 2009

Inconsequential Thoughts

The latest revision of the Novum Missal offers a Pentecost Vigil ... as the Old Rite did. I wonder if anyone in reach of S Thomas's would be interested in a very low-key celebration of the Old Vigil, perhaps on the Saturday afternoon?

If one solemnly celebrated baptisms on the Whit Vigil (not that I propose to!) would this not mean that an octave - in which the neophytes wore their Whites until the Saturday - would be a logical consequence?

Duffy quotes a lovely phrase from one of Cranmer's prosecutors: that Cranmer's "Gospell began ... with periurie, proceeded with adulterie, was maintained with heresie, and ended in conspiracy". In English Protestant usage, conduct which breaks every moral principle in the unscrupulous pursuit of some end has often been called "jesuitical". Would "cranmerian" be a more accurate term?


Adam said...

(Would "cranmerian" be a more accurate term?)

Perfect! I'll commence usage of that term immediately!

Keep up the good work, Father.

Anonymous said...

Those are the consequences, with the newly baptized attending Mass each day to learn the Church's instruction, esp. that delivered via the Collects. Ember Wed. being exemplary...that the Holy Ghost descending on us may by his gracious indwelling render us a temple of his glory. Eia, Res mirabilis!