11 May 2009

The History of the Twentieth Century

I have just been perusing an overview of the growth of 'liberalism', given in 1982 by Archbishop Lefebvre. It includes a highly personal account of the dominance acquired by Bugnini over all manner of people. The account is at sspxasia, then by Library of Catholic Documents Archbishop Lefebvre, then 1982.


Rubricarius said...

I would question the accuracy of Abp. Lefebvre's views. Fr. Bugnini was appointed as Secretary to the Pontifical Commission for General Liturgical Reform by Pius XII in 1948. One could hardly consider him a "nobody" but rather somebody with some considerable clout in matters liturgical in the years before and after the Council.

Anonymous said...

Fruitful study, no doubt.

I believe the major place were the innovators "turned aside like a broken bow" was in the blending of the Agape with the Eucharist. The two are distinctly, historically independent things. I also believe the innovators understood this distinction, and therefore had malicious intent in o'er-turning the Church of Christ. The sheep have been led astray by hirelings - and Freemasons too boot!

I am currently reading two books related to the subject: Felix Cirlot's The Early Eucharist
(1939) and Gerald Ellard's The Mass of the Future (1948). Cirlot was an honest Anglican scholar whereas Ellard was a diabolical Jesuit who, oddly enough, spent most of his life and is now buried at St. Mary's, Kansas where SSPX has had a large school since in 1978. I wonder if they ever exorcised Ellard's grave?

Rubricarius said...

Rev'd up - do enjoy the versus populum photographs in Ellard. What do you think the girls are up to in the photo facing page 302?

Anonymous said...

There is so much about those pictures - attractive young ladies and nuns, all properly and modestly attired with head coverings and full habit! - that if that were the extent of the "offertory procession" renewal it would have occasioned a bit of praise. I appreciate that they do not enter the chancel.

But the camel got his nose under the tent...

Still, I like those pictures very much.

Very unlike our local custom (occasioned, of course, for pastoral reasons) of tube-top, flip-flop, gum-snapping, crop haired, blue-jeans accoutered degenerate "lesbian vampire killers" lurching their way through what passes for a chancel today.

I don't know? What's your take?