2 August 2008

Kasper Converted

After all those years in which the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity refused to take any interest in us because they thought it was so important to snuggle up instead to the gloomy Protestant tyranny that constitutes official Anglicanism, at last the said tyrants have shot themselves in the foot and made it impossible even for the rose-tinted spectacles of PCCU to ignore their true nature. Whoopee. Now even Walter realises that he will have to talk to us. And there's another bonus: the last paragraph of his Lambeth paper acknowledges (fudging this one is now apparently over) that the Catholic Anglican Movement constitutes the one thing that is worth saving in the decaying morass which is Anglicanism. Double Whoopee. And, best of all, he says that 'the ordination of women to the episcopate effectively and definitively blocks a possible recognition of Anglican Orders'. This implies that for discrete fragments of the Anglican community which refuse such innovations, such a 'recognition' is now 'possible'.

In the grim aftermath of the General Synod vote it seemed that all was lost. Now it appears that by their overreaching misjudgement the idiots might actually have given us what we have always pined for: dialogue with Rome uncluttered by de facto vetoes from heterodox factions within Anglicanism.

Isn't the Grace of God wonderful? Let us pray that it keeps them befuddled: the last thing we would want now is some sort of drawing-back at the February Synod. And that we have the courage to grab this one and run with it.

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Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

I pray it be so, Amen!