30 August 2008

Bugnini and the 1928 Prayer Book

Some years ago I noticed that a collect in the common of pastors in the 1971 Breviary, Deus fidelium lumen, appeared to have ben stolen from the common for bishops in the 1928 Rite, the revision of the Cof E Prayer Book which Parliament vetoed. Later, browsing, as one does, through one of those Jansenising Pseudi-Gallican Missalia Parisiensia, I saw it there and realised the common source.

On Friday, it suddenly struck me that the 1971 collect for the Decollation of S John Baptist is clearly from the same stable as the 1928 collect. Is there a similar reason?

Perhaps the MPs who vetoed the 1928 book were cryptoprotolefebvreists.

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johnf said...

Nice one Father!

I like it.