16 July 2008

More on the 1630s

As I sat in my little yard under the shadow of S Thomas's church, in my hand a glass of very well-made Rose made just up the river from the Great City of the Popes itself (Avignon), I suddenly remembered my own predecessor back in the 1630s, Dr Robert Burton (author of An Anatomy of Melancholy), who (in an age when Protestants insisted on the use of every-day bread in the Eucharist so as to prevent their people falling into 'idolatry') used until his dying day unleavened wafers. And I thought ... why should we let these people drive us out of our churches and our tradition? (By 'these people', of course, I mean the Cof E's Liberal ascendancy, not the winemakers of the County of Vaucluse.)

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