30 July 2008


Cardinal Dias' address to the bishops at Canterbury should be read in toto and not just the paragraph in which he likens Liberal Religion to Altzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. He beautifully emphasises the theme of Dominus Iesus that Jesus is the one Saviour of all; talks well about the Culture of Death in its various manifestations; lists Newman (twice), Chesterton, CS Lewis, Belloc; concludes with a beautiful Marian section. But what I found most interesting was his analysis of our present situation in the context of the age-old battle between Heaven and the Enemy. This includes, almost at the end of the lecture, an intriguing couple of paragraphs in which I think he may be saying that Liberal ikons of a Compassionate Inclusive Christ are in fact diabolical impersonations. Read it on Zenit and tell me if I'm right. He sounds an admirable and very interesting bloke; and the liberal coprocracy at the Lambeth Conference must have loathed every syllable of it. They won't invite him again.

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