20 December 2015

Christmas Cards (1)

Out of pure idleness, Pam and I stopped sending Christmas Cards some years ago. But I would like to thank all readers and correspondents for their kindness in reading what I write, and the additional kindness of ensuring that I get to know that there are people out there reading it! I do offer Mass for my readers.

 A Blessed Advent and a fruitful Expectation of the Lord's Coming.


John Simlett said...

I'm not the brightest button in the box, and so I don't always understand some of the finer points you make. Nevertheless, I follow your blog, albeit I don't often comment.

A Very Holy and Happy Christmas to you.

Thank you for my share in the mass you offered; I need all the help I can get!

Eugenie Roth said...

Yes, of course, you blog IS read. Of course as a German I don't read your Posts concerning the Church in England, and my English is - of course - not the best, but ... Thank you!!!
Eugenie Roth from Germany

Eugenie Roth said...

As native German with poor English knowledge I don't understand everything you write, but be sure that I appreciate what I understand!


Eugenie Roth

Christopher Boegel said...

I bless the day that Pope Benedict opened the doors of the Catholic Church to the people of the Anglican Ordinariate.

Fr. Hunwicke, you are a treasured teacher among many others like you that God has showered as life-giving rain upon me.

As another teacher, Pro. Anthony Esolen once wrote: "May we all be conformed to the beauty of Jesus."

Thank you for the gifts you have given in turn.

A Merry Christmas...and a Blessed New Year...to the beautiful new Catholic Church of Olde England!

Lee said...

A blessed Christmas to a constant source of wisdom and erudition that fits quite nicely between Prime and Terce.

Long-Skirts said...

Merry Christmas, Father!

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

I pray that you and yours have happy and Blessed Christmastide, Father, for several treasons, not the least of which is that this Blog is a great source of information and wisdom with the added benefit of your wry, and sometimes sly(my favorite) observations.

Hierodeacon said...

Father John, a very happy Christmas to you and Presbytera. Thank you very much for your daily reflections. I hope they are read by many.

vincent said...

My warmest regards to you, Father, and to your wife in anticipation of this year's celebration of the Nativity of the Lord.

I no longer send cards for other reasons, but I include this link with the hope that it be a blessing to you and others:

I am profoundly grateful to God for your blog and your presence on the interwebs.

Mary Kay said...

My best wishes to you and yours this holy season. I give thanks for the blessing of meeting you, and the other priests present this year at the Roman Forum. I so much enjoy your writing!

Mary Jones

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Fr. Hunwicke, and best regards to you and your wife for a blessed Christmas, and the same for the New Year.