19 September 2015

Dear S Januarius!

Dear, dear S Januarius! Quite certainly one of my favourite saints! The Patron, surely, of all the counter-cultural? What a nerve he has, what impudence, to continue to liquefy even in our unbelieving age! And just because a crowd of evil old Neapolitan crones truly believe that if they heap impatient abuse upon him for long enough, the liquefaction will happen! Does the Saint not realise, has nobody explained to him, has the Almighty not informed him, that this is the age of Dawkins, the age of Obama, the age of Kasper, in which such things just do not happen? Heaven help us, has he not even heard of the Enlightenment??

We of the Patrimony are off today, to Westminster, to hear our good friend Archbishop di Noia. I wonder if the splendid news will come through from Naples before Mass?

Vivat Rex! And, on this day, I am not referring to some Bavarian gentleman ... although we of the Patrimony have a natural affection for Bavarians ... but to King Charles, august Monarch of the Two Sicilies. Whichever Charles it is.

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