3 January 2015

Monsignore Basil Loftus

Oh dear! A terrible day for the Great Monsignore! Pope Francis, of all people, has let him down megabigway! The bollettino reveals that the present Holy Father, who, clearly, must be much less marvellous than we had previously been allowed to understand, has actually had the temerity to refer to our Lady as "Mother of the Church"! Exactly that identical horrible title which, as the Great Monsignore carefully explained ex cathedra to all the world last summer*, was given to her when (the clearly minimally blessed) Pope Paul VI "cheated"! The occasion when, you will remember, Papa Montini infamously proclaimed that title in what the Great Monsignore (writing in his Mighty Organ the Catholic Times) elegantly calls a "private document", i.e. the Conciliar Allocution addressed to the Conciliar Fathers at the end of their Third Session. And now the present pope has joined in, has become complicit in, the perpetration of that dreadful "cheat"! Can it be that he does not read the Catholic Times all the way through? For shame!

Today, a day for him of the most immense grief, we must keep the Great Monsignore in our prayers. Given the enormous respect and affection in which he holds the Ordinariate, he will be comforted by the knowledge that we, at least, have not ... er ... forgotten him!
_________________________________________________________________________________* "Pope Paul VI cheated and referred to Mary as Mother of the Church during one of his private documents during the Council" is what Loftus wrote. For the facts of what the Blessed Pontiff actually did and said when he solemnly proclaimed this title of the Mother of God, see Acta Synodalia III/8 909-918 et praesertim 916.

Perhaps I should explain to non-native English speakers that the above article is written in the genre known as irony.


Nicolas Bellord said...

You ask us to pray for Mgr Basil Loftus. My problem is that I do not believe he exists other than in some cartoon.

GOR said...

I’m sure this will be explained as a slip of the tongue by Pope Francis, who is known to be a bit ‘off the cuff’ with terminology. One Italian paper recently listed some Italian neologisms introduced by our Holy Father…

Back in the dim past I was once leading (or ‘giving out’ as we said back then…) the Rosary during Novitiate and referred to Our Lady as ‘Our Mother’. The Provincial Superior, who happened to be in the chapel at the time, later took me to task for not saying Our Lady instead of Our Mother…

Being a lowly novice, with admirable humility (or self preservation, more like…), I didn’t argue the point with the great man. The arguments would come later…

John Vasc said...

Perhaps St Ambrose of Milan, Popes Benedict XIV, Leo XIII, St John XXIII, St John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI were also cheating when they applied the title of 'Mater Ecclesiae' to our Blessed Lady, Queen and Mother.
Oh, I see it's also enshrined in the Catholic Catechism (963). How embarrassing for poor Mgr Loftus: he seems to be the only one marching in step.

John Vasc said...

One piece of disrespectful idiocy that has apparently now permanently embedded itself in the NO Sunday Mass in England is the introduction to the mid-Mass Hail Mary at the end of the bidding prayers.
'Mary is the Mother of God, and our Mother too [all fine and orthodox so far] and so we pray with her now as we say 'Hail Mary...'
Firstly, to anyone who cares about language and meaning, "pray *with*" is a complete non sequitur. Even the dullards must have spotted that the Ave Maria is actually a prayer addressed *to* the Virgin Mother of God.
Why on earth would the Mother of God want to pray to herself? To keep us company? To jolly us along?
Perhaps others have forgotten that this final bit of the intro originally started out its Cardinal Heenan-inspired life as 'and so we pray *to* her now, as we say, 'Hail Mary...'
Once Cardinal Heenan was dead (1975, RIP) the iconoclasts altered the prayer.
In my view it is crypto-heretical. And non too crypto, either. We should revert to the original wording. (As the more orthodox churches such as the Oratory have continued to do.)
And anyone who finds that an impossible prayer - well, as Schiller puts it:
"der stehle / weinend sich aus diesem Bund."